Bluetooth Watch was £69.99 now £19.99 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Findmeagift + Quidco

Bluetooth Watch was £69.99 now £19.99 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Findmeagift + Quidco

Found 18th Dec 2008
I thought £19.99 was a decent price for a decent watch; but with the added bluetooth technology I reckon this a good priced gadget

Bluetooth Watch
The Bluetooth Watch is a terrific piece of timework that gives you mobile phone awareness without compromising on comfort and style! Lead a manic life and need a little help in reminding you when you need to pick up a call or answer a text? Or maybe you continuously leave behind your cell and need a loud beeping proximity alert to keep you on your toes!

As soon as you strap on the comfortable trendy Bluetooth Watch, others will be unaware of its genius functioning! But wait until your phone rings and feel the vibrating actions released from the Bluetooth Watch thatll tickle you into taking that call!

About The Bluetooth Watch
The Bluetooth Watch gives you an awareness of whats going on with your phone! The vibrating alert with remind you to answer you text, pick up your phone or simply not forget it on your way out!
The Bluetooth Watch is available in three colours please select your preference of either Black, Blue or Pink from the drop-down box above
The Bluetooth Watch features a durable comfortable rubber strap
The Bluetooth Watch features Incoming caller ID, Incoming call vibrating alert, SMS vibrating alert and Proximity vibrating alert
The Bluetooth Watch's Proximity Alert will buzz and sound when you're just metres away from your phone, keeping you alert and never letting you leave your phone behind again!
The Bluetooth Watch is universally compatible with all Bluetooth mobiles
The Bluetooth Watch charges from the Charging Plug included charging time is approximately 3 hours, stand-by time is approximately 100 hours
The Bluetooth Watch has a 2.4 GHz Spectrum
The Bluetooth Watch measures approximately 25 cm x 3.5 cm x 1 cm
The Bluetooth Watch is suitable for anyone who wants to wear the latest gadget and never miss a phone call!
Important people get important calls. Important people have a lack of time to take said important calls. So surely important people need important watches to remind them of these important calls! Introducing the unique, original and not seen before Bluetooth Watch! Discover its power for yourself! Whether youre in a loud club or on a booming building site, the Bluetooth Watch will gently vibrate against your wrist to let you know your phone is ringing or receiving a text! Nowadays its pretty safe to say that everyone has a mobile hell, even my nan has one! But heres the catch not everyone has a Bluetooth Watch! So why not be the first to start this brilliant trend by purchasing either the hot pink, blazing blue or bold black Bluetooth watch today!

The Bluetooth Watch's Proximity Alert is an incredible feature which ensures you never leave your phone at home or work again! And don't worry about getting smashed and leaving your trusty cell on the bus or in the pub, because when you're distanced just metres away, your Bluetooth Watch will buzz and sound to remind you to keep alert!!!

You just try walking out the room with your Bluetooth Watch strapped to you and your mobile left slyly on the couch! It certainly wont have it and will buzz buzz buzz until you go fetch it! The Bluetooth Watch is the lazy, whoops, we mean convenient way to responding to calls and texts! Dangerously truthful, youll never be able to say you missed a call again with the Bluetooth Watch so start thinking of a heap of excuses today! You havent got the wrong number were actually selling them at this price, so grab one today before sales tick over!
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Never mind
he he - that made me giggle - proximity warning , its like an Arnie movie - will it blow your hand off if you get too far away from your phone??
have added heat, as the saving is a good one for those who want one. - has anyone actually bought one of these for £70 ??
But does it do Dick Tracey style calling????
sounds like an irritant to me. price sounds ok though if its your thing.
Nice idea but the watch face is so uuugggly...

Good deal though and good price. Heated!

Nice idea but the watch face is so uuugggly...

Keep it in your pocket then... With your phone! :-D :whistling:
It's ugly as! Wish they would bring out the CLI display and vibrating alert on something that could clip to your keys or your belt. I used to have a vibrating alert that sensed the call going to full power Tx/Rx with a call and it was great. I have a TYTN II and the vibrating alert is hopeless.
Ugly and useless idea from what I can see - guess thats why they are on offer!
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