BluEye Bluetooth mobile phone connector for iPod with Radio

BluEye Bluetooth mobile phone connector for iPod with Radio

Found 26th Dec 2006
Everywhere else £49 . you can get is £39 . If you have an ipod you want one of these units.

Here is the gumf....

Ever missed a call because your iPod music was too loud? Fed up of fumbling around as you take out your iPod headphones and find your mobile phone? The BluEye seamlessly connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to allow you to:

Take calls on your iPod
With BluEye connected, when you have an incoming call on your paired mobile, your iPods tunes automatically stop and a ring-tone cuts in. The in-coming number appears on your iPods screen and you can accept or reject the call using the BluEyes buttons. BluEye will pick up your voice via its inbuilt microphone and you hear the callers voice through your headphones. so your mobile never needs to come out of your pocket. As an extra bonus, once the call is finished, your tunes will automatically cut back in!

Make calls on your iPod
If youve missed a call while listening to your iPod, simply use BluEyes buttons to scroll through your 9 most recently received calls and call them back with the touch of a button. Again, no need to go anywhere near your mobile! To make a call to any other number, simply dial the number from your mobile and the call will be transferred to BluEye so you can enjoy the call hands-free. (Subject to phone settings).

Listen to the radio on your iPod As well as connecting your mobile phone and iPod, BluEye also acts as an FM receiver, allowing you to listen to your favourite radio stations on your iPod. Auto-scan through strong frequencies, store up to 15 favourite stations and then scroll through your stored frequencies all via the BluEyes buttons.

Control your iPod remotely Finally, if you want to use your iPod for its original purpose, as we all do from time to time, BluEye is a remote control with play/pause, volume control and track skip functionality. Couldnt be easier.


Make and receive calls on your iPod
Plug' n' Play with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
Caller Number ID displayed on iPod screen
Automatically pause and resume music for incoming calls
Last 9 numbers redial from your iPod
Voice dial when paired with supported Bluetooth phones
15 Presets and auto scan FM Radio
Use your own headphones
No need for batteries
Bluetooth 2.0
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Thanks for the post paulkerr

Moon-on-stick - £39!

My mate suggested that I wanted the-moon-on-a-stick when I was longing for a device like this

Too bad I recently trashed my SPV, which was my only BT phone. I don't think that my old faithful 3310 will be of much use here.
Thanks for this :santa:
[SIZE=2]Moon on a stick would tide you over Nookster :roll:[/SIZE]
Same price also at Carphone Warehouse
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