Blur - Xbox 360 - £4.99 Collect at Store Comet

Blur - Xbox 360 - £4.99 Collect at Store Comet

Found 22nd Oct 2010Made hot 22nd Oct 2010
Great price for this. Reserve & collect only

Blur is the ultimate racing experience, dropping you into heart-pumping, electrified in-the-pack action with 20 cars targeting the finish line and battling each other as they trade paint. Intense power-ups, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, as well as defensive shields, nitro speed boosts, and landmines create realistic damage and destruction. Featuring 4-player split-screen action that offers you a new kind of racing experience, one that allows you to race with your friends and as part of a network of players in high intensity competition and fun. Blur is non-stop racing competition, intense and neck-and-neck action ensuring you're always in the race and battling for position.


heated, thanks

Bargain and in stock near me.
Shame I have a PS3.

Amazing deal if you can find stock. None within 50 miles of me.

Hot thanks! Just ordered. Not many in stock though in Brum as I tried to order one for a friend and cant find any in West Midlands full stop, to be expected though I spose.

Thanks again

Thanks for this - just reserved one in Basildon.

Brilliant, thanks, just reserved a copy.

A Comet deal that actually has stock near me. scorching HOT!

None in the north west, good deal for anyone who gets it! Heat added!

Great price and managed to find some stock in Greenwich.

reserved on at Norwich. Great Yarmouth have some too. Fantastic price. Super heated.

great price....none left in greenwich tho
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Original Poster

Looks like stock is being hoovered up pretty quickly.

Well done if you got one

Thanks, good price. Reserved one near me although only 1 shop had stock. Good game too!

Good find ... all out of stock in and around manchester though .. well done if you managed to get one!!

Thanks just reserved,great offer.

1 less Xmas pressie,heat from me.;)

Store was Kettering,picked up today assistant couldn't believe £4.99 priced at £44.99 said "probably input error",hope a lot more have been successful
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None in Bristol


They went quick none in Liverpool :(.

Brillaint find.
No stock in the Durham area tho

Got the last one in Milton Keynes, thank you!

Argh! Out of stock!

Out of stock inMK.. grr @ above guy - I wanted it for my next LAN in 3 weeks

Just been to comet, bought and paid. £4.99.

couldn't find any online in stores near me

reserved one, gonna check out reviews before i buy tomorrow

None in stock at Farnborough, even drove down to see if there were any left !?!

Missed out again!!!


reserved one, gonna check out reviews before i buy tomorrow

If you decide not to want it I'll take it off your hands

Many thanks OP - picked up the last copy at my local

Just picked mine up. Has a price tag on it of £44.99 so I thought they would put a stop on it (even though its about £15 online now). My strategy is to keep em talking so they dont really have time to check too much (in case its a price error).
But all good and looking forward to playing it.

Thanks again OP

Bargain for those in selected regions.

Got one from Torquay earlier, listed as out of stock there now though.

got mine for £4.99 last one in beckton store, thanks OP!

None near me (Bootle) in stock. Would of loved buyin this for just a fiver!

superb deal gabbed a copy just in time

picked mine up earlier, cheers OP.


best deal yet pc world price match guarantee, printed evidence, got it for £1.99 after they did 10% of the difference which is £3 because they are selling it for £34.98

I think this is also £4.99 in store for PS3 version as well but isn't on website.

I reserved this for 360 but when I went into store he handed me the PS3 version. He scanned it first and it did come up as £4.99 and I didn't say anything as I'd prefer the PS3 one anyway.

Got a phone call later to say they realised they'd given me the wrong one but when I said they didn't mind they said 'fine'.


Out of stock inMK.. grr @ above guy - I wanted it for my next LAN in 3 … Out of stock inMK.. grr @ above guy - I wanted it for my next LAN in 3 weeks

Sorry, Xmas present for one of the kids. lol

Although they did have a box on the shelf, might be worth seeing what it scans at?
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