Bluray - Colossus - The Forbin Project £6.99  (Prime) £8.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Bluray - Colossus - The Forbin Project £6.99 (Prime) £8.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 3rd Oct 2017
A nice price drop on the Bluray version.

Fourteen years before The Terminator (and only two years after HAL refused to open the pod door), there was another, lesser-known tale of a supercomputer seizing control of the world and trying to eradicate humanity. Engineer Dr. Charles A. Forbin, who convinces the U.S. Defense Department to let his "Colossus" control the country's nuclear arsenal, then watches in horror as his creation goes over his head and starts communicating with the Soviet's own electronic brain. Colossus is The granddaddy of all "computer run amok" films.
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Generally recognised as one of the best films about AI / The Singularity. Obviously it looks very old fashioned now, but the story has clear parallels with recent stories about AI communication...
There is another system
Brilliant film this, wonder if the blu ray is a worthwhile upgrade from the DVD?
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