B&M - Bonners Goulash, 400gms tin, 20p

B&M - Bonners Goulash, 400gms tin, 20p

Found 4th Jul 2014
Found in my local Caerphilly store, expiry date is 14.9.2014.
Haven't tried it yet but when I do , I will report back.


Please let me know, as I saw it in my local today (Saltash) and thought better of it lol

It looks very interesting. I say that as an observer. Please report back upon consumption. Voted hot just to encourage you. I see you are the new 10p B&M deal king.

woof woof

We had this in our local store.. nearly got some but then checked out the salt content. Not for me.

I read it as boner goulash, and assumed it was an Anne Summers thread.

Is it awful? Not posted result yet! I'm giving it 16/1

found in tyldsley store and leigh lancs stores lovely stuff just had with pasta for brekkie lol
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