B&M Cushions from 10p clearance

B&M Cushions from 10p clearance

Found 30th Jul 2016
B&M have a clearance and the cushions start from 0.10p but they are the dad ones up to £2.49. Some of the designs are really nice and depending on what you choose you get the cushion pad too not just the cover, I think its a bargain. Have tried to post link in price order but can't seen to get a pic up. I saw plenty in store but did not realise they were reduced because they were not marked up.
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which store op?
I saw these in the Yiewsley and Reading branches yesterday. They were not priced up so I didn't know they were reduced, they were just in amongst the full price cushions so you may have to hunt a little.
How do you know what to search for if they aren't marked?
​They are on the link, usually the case with B&M( for me) have to look online and write down the specific item name and go looking. In fact there is loads of items online reduced that were not marked when I went. Picked up some curtain panels which were £14.99 each or two for £25.00 and at the till were £4.99 each. Not the best quality but for £10.00 a pair they'll do when I fancy a change.
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