BMI Baby credit card
BMI Baby credit card

BMI Baby credit card

Not sure if this is the 'hot deal' but IMHO it represent quite a good value.
This is a credit card with some additional benefits:

* Free return flight on first purchase (you pay tax)
* Free bonus return flight every year (you pay tax)
* 0% balance transfers for 9 months (fee of 3% - min £5/max £75 for each balance transfer)
* typical 16.9% APR (variable) (who cares? just pay it off in full)
* no annual fee
* free Identity Theft Solutions
* free Purchase Protection
* free online Active Fraud Protection
* price match guarantee (f you buy something with your bmibaby credit card and then find it cheaper elsewhere within 60 days, Citi will refund the difference)
* 12 months extended warranty (that's the most important thing, IMO)
* Protection Plan Plus (CPP Plus) (yeah, right. yet another paid insurance thing)
* optional Cardholder Repayment Protection

So, IMO, this card got three valuable benefits: 1) Free Extended warranty; 2) Free flight offer; 3) Price match (not sure how it works though). Not a bad value, isn't it?


I like it Kommunist...but dare not add to my collection as I already have 3 credit cards....will consider getting rid of my Amazon one for this.

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I like it too And got exactly the same problem - what card to get rid of

thank s kommunist was meaning to replace my co-op card this is great with free flights and extended warranty on electrical items, i think barclays use to do that but scrapped it few years ago
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