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The op’s had a gavin


If you have no intention of paying the balloon payment at the end to own the car, you could lease for £311.16 per month instead and it would be far cheaper. £15,133.68 total including fees here based on a 48 month term (1+47) and 8k miles per year (same as this deal as far as I can tell). Road tax is also included in a lease so another saving compared to this PCP. And that's probably still a bad deal.


loving the new shape looks better in person


Ours is 134bhp. When I say hard work, I mean forever changing gear. In a straight line it goes ok.


Typical BMW driver... apparently finds indicators 'sleep inducing' so never bothers using it! (y) Here's another one for you... What is the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? Porcupines have pricks on the outside! (lol)

0% APR on the adventure ready MINI Countryman SUV via BMW Store
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Built for the great outdoors, with its spacious interior and array of innovative technology.

Fair enough :)


No idea I'm afraid ... it's a hybrid and hubby drives it ;) my Rav 4 which is an older diesel model does iro 56 to 60mpg, hence why we got another one x


How are you finding the mpgs of the new rav 4s


I really feel sorry for anyone that thinks this is a good deal...


As soon as you drive away it is £500 drop per mile...

BMW 440i - £399 a month - 1k up front - Total £10177 - BMW Military & Emergency Services
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
BMW 440i - £399 a month - 1k up front - Total £10177 - BMW Military & Emergency Services
One for the purists and you need to be forces/nhs etc Indicators (yawn) etc included
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VW campervan, but I'm not jealous of people who have BMWs. They seem like a decent car. What do you drive?


BMW owner?


Realistically this spec will lose about £25k over 3 years, so to lease for 2 years at £10k makes perfect sense for people in the market for one. Not sure I would want this one in Germany, overtaking would be tricky.


If you live in Germany maybe. But you are right none of the options are financially sound.


Two years of driving pleasure in a £47k 3 litre straight six hatchback. Rather than several years of Bill's.

BMW Connected Drive - Apple Car Play Unlimited - £118 @ BMW Store
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
BMW Connected Drive - Apple Car Play Unlimited - £118 @ BMW Store
Very good price for Black Friday weekend - BMW are offering Apple Car play for £118 rather than the normal £295, to have it permanently unlocked on your vehicle.
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Bmw idrive 7 is so good you don’t really need it to be fair...


You’ve got enough other issues if you have a Citroen Berlingo, they don’t want you to have another headache (lol)


I was looking at a newish 530d X Drive M Sport (was about £36k) the other day at a dealers as I'm getting itchy car feet again. Did all the biz and was quite tempted. However, in addition to the purchase price the BMW dealer also wanted £150 for a 'preparation pack' prior to purchase. They lost the sale there and then.


Ah ha, that explains why I have it, didn’t realise it was an option as my car is an AMG line model. I’m sure Audi were the first to offer unlockable options.


They do if you haven’t already spec-ed it in the build or as a pack. I.e premium plus merc carplay £299

20% off all items in BMW UK Store for their Black Friday event
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
20% off all items in BMW UK Store for their Black Friday event
Use code BF20, not valid on already discounted spotlight products. Also works on the UK mini store. I ordered a cap from a UK dealer and the delivery was free.


Yes definitely, prices are quite high in general. I got a classic cap for about £13 so happy with that.

I wish it included the cars 😁


Cold not Audi.


Never gets old does it?!

BMW connected drive black Friday e.g Online Entertainment is £125.30
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Black Friday discounts available on the Connected Drive store. Click the link to see all discounts. E.g. Online Entertainment is £125.30 down from £179. £10 a month for 40 millio… Read more
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Totally agree. The best option is to go with their service/Deezer. It seems crazy to me that they can't get something right that you can do in a ford fiesta.


I have an 18 plate, using an S10 with premium Spotify. Like you say it is very hit and miss if it connects, sometimes I have to delete and pair my phone again, which 99% of the time I have already started my journey. Sound quality is also not on par with the radio, bluetooth/Spotify is alot lower, therefore you nearly have the car just under max volume and the phone on max volume. Updated to the latest software and still the same pretty much. Not something you'd expect from a premium brand.


The connected plus package is still £99, does that include the black Friday off? F32 2013 pro media.


Spotify does work through an android phone, though like you sat it does seem buggy and doesn't always seem to connect correctly. I only have the free version so I don't know if premium is any better. It is disappointing that they've not really bothered to improve the iDrive system through FW updates (even though they heavily advertise the update feature). I've had 1 update in 2.5 years and it was very minor. You would expect with the number of F3x cars sold they would be able to support them better. As with all of these things, they keep the best improvements for their newest cars but cars are supposed to last longer than phones (even if some people treat them that way)! Android Auto sounds good hopefully they will have it by the time I come to replace mine (which will be a fair few years). Also just realised the discount doesn't apply to the connected packages which is a bit strange. Does anyone have an alternative source for map updates?


It's independent of the phone. I'm android. I guess it's like the car system is it's own phone. You would need to cancel your current subscription and take out the new one (I think) you can then put that new one on your phone and iPad /computer etc.

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Enjoy 25% off all services at selected BMW centres
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
Enjoy 25% off all services at selected BMW centres
Book between 15th - 18th Nov for service appointment before 24th December for 25% off on all services and MOTs. I paid £200 for my service last week which is now showing as £150. … Read more

It's 6.5 litres mate. The cost of the oil is a maximum of £60 and lets say £10 max for the oil filter. Unless they've done something else they are taking the piss IMO. I would phone another BMW dealership and get a price for an oil service and see what they say. Also, might be worth buying a Service Plan from BMW if you don't want to go to an independent, which is understandable if your car is only a year old.




A man with experience in that department one presumes (y)


(lol) 6.5 bottles (popcorn) (y)


Checking your stupidity is FREE (annoyed)

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 420i M Sport Manual PCH Lease Car 1+23 8k annual mileage £279pm Total £6696 @ Oxford BMW
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 420i M Sport Manual PCH Lease Car 1+23 8k annual mileage £279pm Total £6696 @ Oxford BMW
Following on from various deals for the same car this seems to be the best value. Currently finding out if it's an auto or not. Decent excess mileage rate too. Monthly Rental - £… Read more
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8k Mileage


Mine was exactly the same as OP. £275 upfront and £275pm


What deal did you get and price? mine is 275per month, 10k miles per annum with 1k Deposit.


I got mine from my local dealer in Essex. Lovely car and they worked really hard to get it sorted before they went into lockdown.


Mine was due for delivery 31st March but has been stuck at Germany port till date due to Covid-19 outbreak. Communication has been terrible from both BMW and my dealership. Delivery date keep changing and I still have no idea when I’ll collect mine.

-73° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
There’s no better way to get to know a BMW than by experiencing it for yourself. And with over 100 years of fine-tuning the driving experience, there’s never been a more exciting t… Read more

I get to drive one everyday, now what are those flashy things on the outside of the car again?


Local dealers always don’t honour. Good if you can get

MINI COUNTRYMAN Free 48 Hour Test Drive
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Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
MINI COUNTRYMAN Free 48 Hour Test Drive
Take some time to make the most of the outdoors. Time for more mud. More mountains. And more exploring. With 48 hours, you’ll be able to fit it all in. Book a test drive with the M… Read more

looks like every single mini model is 48 hours test drive on that link..? whats so special about this one :)


BMW BuMWiper.....driven by ********* (well you know) (lol) ;)


Not sure what the experience of the people here with Mini Countryman but we own one (my wife's car) since new, turning 5 y/o in a few months. Even though we also have a C-Class, we prefer use Mini as family car for long trips. We've done many road trips 2-3K miles at a trip, all had been very pleasurable. Overall It's a very fun drive, fuel consumption is ok (not great), pretty comfortable. We have a manuel one but I recommend automatic. Unless you are into 0-60 records, for the price it is offered, one of the best choices in the market. In 5 years, didn't have a single breakdown or major problems, compared to my Merc, significantly (really significantly !!) cheaper to maintain. Especially kids love it. If you are up for it, go for it, don't listen to crowd.


Woaw, you literally searched for the guy's other commends. That another level....


I'm not sure about the T&Cs with this one until I read the small print tomorrow but I did a similar thing with a different manufacturer last year. They let me have the vehicle for three days, covered the insurance and never batted an eyelid when we did a 700 mile round trip. We used vouchers for a free hotel stay, meal out, a few free drinks and some entertainment. Topcashback paid for the petrol by stacking. The only downside was the salesman who came with us. Including the hotel.

BMW 730d M Sport Saloon - Reduced to £55,676, Saving £17,754 and 0% finance from BMW Finance
1323° Expired
Posted 19th Jan 2019Posted 19th Jan 2019
BMW 730d M Sport Saloon - Reduced to £55,676, Saving £17,754 and 0% finance from BMW Finance
BMW recently revealed the new 7 Series, which may partly explain why the outgoing model is currently being offered on a PCP with almost £18,000 as a deposit contribution and 0% A… Read more

Cue the usual crap jokes about indicators and 'theyre unreliable I should know I have one (an old pos) posts synonymous with BMW topics.



You can probley haggle another 3-5k off the offer price. Good deal


What deal did you get?


I'll be more than happy to take one off their hands though they'll never just give me it lol :D

BMW owners 25% off connecteddrive services until midnight tonight
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Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
BMW owners 25% off connecteddrive services until midnight tonight
If you have a recent BMW with Connecteddrive then you can get 25% of selected services. That is pretty much it. Example £64 off Apple car play.
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I think it depends on the dealer. I coded my M240i from new and it's been to BMW a few times for servicing etc and they've never mentioned it. It's obviously coded as well as I have an audible alarm beep and instant folding mirrors when you lock/unlock it. They would have to prove that the coding caused the warranty issue which would be difficult to do.


Apple carplay is expensive for what it is...but after only a couple of days I'm pleased that I went for it. Its quite elegant, still figuring out waze though. I also have the Cameralert app with its speed camera database that I'll try out. But I think I'm going to need my new (xmas present) iPhone (another hotukdeals bargain!!) as my old one is well past its sell by date. I did think about getting the guy on cutters to code it in but I'm a bit paranoid about coding my car in case BMW get funny about it with warranty issues.


You can add Waze now which includes speed camera database. A chap on the BMW forums can activate CarPlay lifetime subscription for £89 and for anyone that doesn't have the required hardware he can also retrofit it for not much. I do have the hardware so will be getting it added on soon. This was still a good deal for anyone wanting to do it through BMW channels though.


Well I took the black friday bait and went for Apple carplay..bit of a fiddle to set up but so far its seems pretty good. Not sure its worth the money but us bmw drivers have money to burn not like the little people! (lol) I think I should be able to add speed cameras to Google maps which would be handy


the internal car mic links to the phone through bluetooth and then android auto, so works with google assistant, so I just use that. Doesn't link to the BMW sat nav but does for phone/sms/whats app etc.

BMW 340i M Sport Shadow Edition Lease £399/mo x 47 + £999 - £19752 @ BMW (Barons Group)
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Posted 24th Oct 2018Posted 24th Oct 2018
BMW 340i M Sport Shadow Edition Lease £399/mo x 47 + £999 - £19752 @ BMW (Barons Group)
Got ad in Facebook, looks cheap for 340i with only £999 deposit Representative Finance Example: Duration 48 Months 47 Monthly Payments £399.00 Customer Deposit £999.00 Retailer De… Read more

Still kicking strong


Sibling just acquired the 340i m sport shadow edition with a few extras. Looking forward to giving it a proper thrashing after the 1200 miles break in. Albeit my 435d does suffice, the engine of the petrol is much more pleasing to the ear. Next bmw shall be the m5 v8 beauty.


yes good year (eagle f1) is standard with my bmw. go to halfords or anyother tyre shop goodyear is standard, i am not saying other brands are not, they might come with some versions of 1 series, but mine is good year standard, also mine is 19 inch not 18. so that must be the reason.


Great deal, voted hot


U have the option to buy tyre cover which will change them if they have punctures. Not if they wear out. more cost

BMW Rallye Motorcycle Jacket was €675.00 now only €399.00+ €19.99p&p - £377.08 delivered
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Posted 22nd Sep 2018Posted 22nd Sep 2018Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
BMW Rallye Motorcycle Jacket was €675.00 now only €399.00+ €19.99p&p - £377.08 delivered
Only seemingly available in the Grey/ Blue colour combo - have worn these for years (although never had the funds to buy new) Some may consider that a lot for just a coat b… Read more
Avatardeleted361726Get deal*Get deal*

Don't get me wrong, I see enough BMW riders wearing this kit to assume that it is pretty good, but if a long term test says it leaks, how can it be a good deal at nearly £400 quid? Anyway, if you are tempted by a new one, and are size 60, then cheaper its £100 less here


Just as well a decent jacket - getting chilly! (contrary to what MCN says, these *DO* keep the water and cold out, I ride mine in all weathers!)


Very good price


Sadly, according to the product test on MCN it fails at the most important thing, keeping the rain out. So cold I'm afraid, especially at this price point, UK web price here;86700;4971&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9Kfeg93O3QIVwed3Ch0yrAxrEAQYAyABEgIGGvD_BwE

At least 20% discount on digital services at BMW ConnectedDrive store
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Posted 9th May 2018Posted 9th May 2018
At least 20% discount on digital services at BMW ConnectedDrive store
BMW are celebrating 20 years of "ConnectedDrive" with a sale of 20%+ discount on digital services. For example: 6 months traffic info was £25 now £20 Apple car play was £235 now £… Read more

Shouldn't make any difference, but sadly you are right.


Unlucky time to post just when bmw have announced a major recall...


pro nav - but if you log in, it will tell you whether its compatible for your car or not anyway...


Do you need Pro Nav for CarPlay or will it work with standard Nav in a 2018 F20?


I picked a new bmw up last week. Great deal have some heat.

Free cup of coffee for existing BMW owners @ Isetta Bar - Bluewater shopping centre.
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Posted 4th May 2018Posted 4th May 2018LocalLocal
Free cup of coffee for existing BMW owners @ Isetta Bar - Bluewater shopping centre.
If you own a BMW you can get a free coffee at the BMW Isetta Bar in the Bluewater shopping centre by showing your car key. Don't forget to take the spare key for your partner ;… Read more

Tesla's would possibly let you drive 200 miles. I guess it's ok for the golf course and back.


If you look around council estates they are quite common now along with Audi’s so it’s no longer a status symbol. At the private schools I notice more Tesla’s.


Haha (y)


If you go into your dealership do they give you free cars, but nobody takes them anyway? Sorry...i couldnt resist :)


Don't forget to play some thumping Dance/Techno music uncomfortably loud so that everyone knows you're there.

48h hours mini test drive
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Posted 27th Apr 2018Posted 27th Apr 2018
48h hours mini test drive
I wait for the convertible one 😁 Subject to status & availability. Participating retailers only.
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That piccy. So funny. I'm not little. I'm mean, and fast... bep bep. hahaha


The name "Mini" has become rather more ironic than iconic these days.


That's one ugly car... Unless your name is Derek Trotter.


Got to be cheaper than hiring a car if you need to? :/ (y)


You'd have to pay me to drive one of those horrible things!

BMW 24h drive test free
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Posted 19th Apr 2018Posted 19th Apr 2018
BMW 24h drive test free
I will have the X3 on monday for 24h 8)
Get deal*Get deal*

More than happy. I'm not the one living in a fantasy land to get away from reality. Just bemused that people like you have to and amusing to watch you squirm when called on it.


You don't seem happy with life from your comments though...... be happy it was fun while it lasted...


Why would I be jealous of someone (saying theyre) getting a drive in a car they can't afford for a day when I've a more capable and powerful car at the door that I can drive 365 days a year? If that's what lights up your little life then great. Meanwhile in the real world....


Exactly what I wrote earlier today that making a profile with a few odd details doesn't prove or expose anything, I do not want to make a profile and add such details so exposing me as you claim you have is baseless. Man, how much time do have, really or are you just jealous that someone else was offered something you simply weren't.


As i've said, its BMW UK pitching the offer and the franchised dealers dont want to do it because moreoften than not its a waste of time for them. The odds of someone ringing up blind, booking a 24hr test drive with no other interaction with the dealership and them converting that to a sale is probably 1 in 100, so they'll spend their time following up other leads. Unfortunate if you're that 1 in 100 but its a numbers game to them. If you're genuinely interested, ring up, make an appointment with a salesperson get a test drive and see how the figures stack up. If you really need / want an extended test drive after that, then i doubt you'll have a problem. I've genuinely never had any problem test driving / extended test drives / being taken serious by a dealer if you show you are serious about the car in the first place.

Free 24 hour test drive of BMW vehicles
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Not for everyone but might be of interest to some of us. I'm going to try an i3.

Booked the M2 over a week ago, had 2 calls and an email to confirm this. Showed up today at Peter Vardy Edinburgh and the guy tells me they don't have a car for me to test drive. But if I want to buy it today he can take all my details.. What a waste of time..


They shouldn't be allowed to advertise the 24 hour test drive unless at least most of their dealerships offer it.


Really disappointed with BMW. So after registering for my interest in the 24 hour test drive on their website, got a call from the local branch within 30 minutes to arrange a test drive for me this week. I recieved a miss call from the head office customer support, I called back the local branch to make sure everything was going as planned and spoke to the chap who originally called me said he wasn't aware it was the 24 hour test drive I was after despite registering my interest. He said he would double check in another branch whether they have a registered vehicle available for the test drive and come back to me by this afternoon. I believe that would just be a swift fob off response to me. This has really put me off, I was genuinely looking at the 3 series for my next car within the new few months.


if they have an x6 or m5 then sure ill test drive (cheeky)


No thats the driver mate hahah iv driven loads bmws they are straight and true

48 Hour test drives available on Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
48 Hour test drives available on Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman
Why hire a car when you can test drive for 48 hours. :) 48 HOURS OF ADVENTURE. Take some time to make the most of the outdoors. Time for more mud. More mountains. And more explor… Read more
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I had one at the weekend. I asked if there was a mileage limit and they rang and asked someone but apparently not. Did about 300miles in it


Some people have said 100, but we did over 400 with no problem. I think it's luck of the draw with the dealerships to be honest. Hopefully some people who have had good experiences will post here too, because i'm sure they're not all bad!


Is there a limit on mileage?


I am genuinely interested in buying a Countryman from my local Mini group, and I am already a customer of theirs having bought two BMW's from the same site but having filled the form in last week I'm still waiting for some contact from them!! :( Anyone else filled in the form and not heard back?


Well the guy said that not even a lot of people toke to the offer. My honest feeling was there was a bit of discrimination ,for what reason am not too sure. I am not a 17 year old kid trying to have rental free weekend.

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