Boardman Hybrid Team Bike £559.20 @ Halfords

Boardman Hybrid Team Bike £559.20 @ Halfords

Found 15th Aug 2016
A another great bike from Boardman down from £700 to £559.20 at Halfords. The deal is both online and is national instore. If you're looking for maybe a different kind of bike e.g, then Halfords is the place you want to be looking at. I say this because they have reduced 20% off all their bikes!! Have fun shopping


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I meant to say e.g a road bike. sorry

Boardman bikes are great bikes but don't trust halfords to build it. Mine had to go back numerous occasions due to problems. Eventually I took it to an independent bike repairer who was shocked at how badly put together it was. He sorted it for £20 now rides like a dream.

Agree, don't let halfords build it

Halfords built my board man roadie only went back to adjust the gears after about 50miles it's a year old and never had any issues wth the build

Is the Cinelli Experience Tiagra Road Bike better?
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