Bob Dylan deluxe £7.99 !!! Instore at HMV!!!

Bob Dylan deluxe £7.99 !!! Instore at HMV!!!

Found 8th Nov 2008
Just found a red Bob Dylan deluxe set for only 7 quid at HMV:

"This mammoth chronicle of the legendary Bob Dylan's five-decade-spanning career contains his best-known works (among them 'The Times They Are A-Changing' and the oft-covered 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door') as well as some obscure tracks from his more experimental periods. Though he was originally notable for his politically motivated anthems, a focus on musical progression has prevailed in later recordings. With Dylan's never-ending touring schedule and frequently evolving creative output still flourishing, this retrospective is as timely as it is detailed. The limited edition box set comes packaged with extensive sleeve notes and rare photographs.

Half greatest-hits album, half career summary, the full three-disc version of 2007's 45th-anniversary collection, DYLAN (also available as a single-disc distillation), is a public service to both Bob Dylan neophytes and fans who wrote off his late-'70s-to-mid-'80s fallow period. For the latter group, the best songs from Dylan's "lost years" are cherry-picked, proving that even amid periods of inconsistency, Hibbing, Minnesota's favorite son never lost his spark of genius.
These 51 songs--arranged in chronological order--track Dylan's development from Greenwich Village folk hero to surrealist rocker to grizzled bluesman. All the key tracks from his glory days are here, from "Blowin' in the Wind" to "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," but perhaps more illuminating is the esoterica; anyone not paying close attention to Dylan's career left-turns could easily have missed such almost-lost gems as "Dark Eyes" (from the largely unremarkable EMPIRE BURLESQUE) or "Blood in My Eyes" from trad folk/blues album WORLD GONE WRONG. When the dust of history settles, the lesser-known tunes collected on DYLAN will be just as important as the "hits."

Bob Dylan began as a Woody Guthrie acolyte, imitating the dust-bowl balladeer as faithfully as a baby boomer from Hibbing, Minnesota, could. It wasn't long before he found his own voice, spearheading the early-1960s folk revival as well as the singer-songwriter movement, and introducing poetry into pop music. Through countless changes in sound, image, and even religion, he retained his unique artistic vision even when his popularity occasionally waned. By the 21st century, he was enjoying an upsurge of critical and popular interest based on a series of powerful late-career albums that crystallized his aesthetics and unique world view."


whats a digipack?

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I did mean it was instore for £7 but now I see it's £7.99 online aswell.

Great find. HOT.

Sounds like a bargain!


whats a digipack?

Is this a joke? Are you going to ask where a digi goes on holiday next? ;-)

Sorry... I'm bored and should be out on the razzle!

Nice find OP !

Voted HOT and repped for a superb deal, keep 'em coming


Ooooh! Hit on a nerve did he/ she?!


£7 quid instore at Fopp in Glasgow as well.

Is Fopp still around? I thought it went bankrupt.

There are still a couple of stores in Glasgow, I think HMV bought them over.

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You can now also get a bruce springsteen boxset for £7 instore now!
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