Bob Marley - Legend Album [Remastered] - £5.99 Instore At Zavvi

Bob Marley - Legend Album [Remastered] - £5.99 Instore At Zavvi

Found 5th Feb 2009Made hot 5th Feb 2009
£6.98 at amazon
£6.99 at Play
£9.99 at hmv

Classic album

1. Is This Love
2. No Woman, No Cry (Live)
3. Could You Be Loved
4. Three Little Birds
5. Buffalo Soldier
6. Get Up, Stand Up
7. Stir It Up
8. Easy Skanking
9. One Love / People Get Ready
10. I Shot The Sheriff
11. Waiting In Vain
12. Redemption Song
13. Satisfy My Soul
14. Exodus
15. Jamming
16. Punky Reggae Party (Long Version)

Bought this along with a few others.


True legend
Heat added

How can you champion Xavvi following their customer service recently. Rip off...I'd rather pay more and go elsewhere. It seems people have short memories.

4th Greatest Album in existence imo :thumbsup:

ASDA have had it for £5 instore for nearly a month though.....

1: Nirvana - Nevermind
2: Metallica - Master Of Puppets
3: Pink Floyd - The Wall
4: Bob Marley - Legend

amazing album. brings back memories.

Cold from me - it'll be around that price forever. Plus, you're lucky if you even have a Zavvi left to buy it from.

Danny Baker has a lot to answer for....allegedly....!

Original Poster

I bought this in the brighton zavvi & there were 2 copies left after mine.

That's a great price I went on a tour last summer in Jamaica and visited Bob Marleys museum and house and I was tempted to buy this album from the gift shop afterwards, which I think was £15-£20.

My boyfriend would love this...are there many Zavvi's still open though?

Piece of History now ....ZAWI stores

Bob Marley - Always good choice for long journeys
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