Bob Marley the ultimate collection (4 discs) £2 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment!!
Bob Marley the ultimate collection (4 discs) £2 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment!!

Bob Marley the ultimate collection (4 discs) £2 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment!!

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now showing as sold out n the price has leapt up to over £7!

Disc 1
1.African Herbsman
2.Stand Alone
3.Sun Is Shining
4.Brain Washing
5.Mr. Brown
6.Rebel's Hop
7.400 Years
8.Soul Almighty
9.Lively Up Yourself
10.Small Axe
11.Trench Town Rock
12.All In One
Disc 2
1.Soul Shakedown Party
2.Stop The Train
4.Soul Captive
5.Go Tell It On The Mountain
6.Can't You See
7.Soon Come
8.Cheer Up
9.Back Out
10.Do It Twice
11.Keep On Moving
12.Don't Rock My Boat

Disc 3
1.Put In On
2.Fussin' And Fightin'
3.Duppy Conqueror
5.Riding High
7.Soul Rebel
8.Try Me
9.It's Alright
10.No Sympathy
11.My Cup
12.Corner Stone
Disc 4
1.No Water
2.Rainbow Country
3.Natural Mystic
4.There She Goes
5.Mellow Mood
6.Treat You Right
7.Chances Are
9.You Can't Do That To Me
10.Touch Me
11.How Many Times


Might be good, but the only review I could find (amazon.com) is a tad dismissive.

"f you anticipate an "ultimate collection" will span an artist's career, contain hits and lesser known gems, come with information other than song titles, restores low fidelity recordings, and offers something to every fan, then this collection is poorly named to say the least. What you get is 138 minutes of studio sessions from 40 years ago that sound like they were rescued from the bottom of a pond and thrown on cd with no care for continuity or quality. Serious fans might be glad to have these dead-sounding tracks in one place for cheap but the poor reproduction quality, lack of anthological inspiration, and no companion literature would better be described as the "whatever collection.""

Where's Buffalo Soldier? Redemption Song? 'Ultimate' my ****.

It's a (much compiled) collection of the pre Island recordings (Lee Perry and the like), many of which were rerecorded later.

Not hot at all. You get these bargain basement collections of his stuff which is licensed to any tom, dick and harry company. If Woolworths were still going this would be in their cheapo section for £2 everyday of the year.


Where's Buffalo Soldier? Redemption Song? 'Ultimate' my ****.

48 Marley tracks. £2.

Thanks OP

Also missing...

No Woman No Cry
I Shot The Sheriff
Three Little Birds

Personally, I think this early stuff is much better and more soulful than his later big production Island releases. Hot.

Cheaper at the Hut?? Only a few pence though at £1.93, but cheaper all the same - thehut.com/hut…_cd

Jammin price :whistling: Hot man

Voted hot! Great gift..

although I admit I just saved 7p by buying it at the Hut (thanks tango42!)


Also missing...No Woman No CryI Shot The SheriffThree Little Birds

Eh it's missing about 100 Marley tracks so not sure what the point of listing 3 specific ones is.

Anyway you and the other chap about going on about Buffalo Soldier should really just purchase a copy of Legend as all your favourites are on that...

Im with some of the other people here, there are so many songs that are better than the stuff on legend from the early days.

Legend is a brilliant album with nearly a full quota of classics but you really need to check out the earlier material.

Songs like soon come, zimbabwe, fussing and fighting, riding high ... This collection is a good start on bob marleys music. Check out some peter tosh as well :thumbsup:
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