Bob Martin cat litter £1 @ Poundland

Bob Martin cat litter £1 @ Poundland

Found 22nd Sep 2010
saw this today in my local poundland and was so disapointed because i had bought 3 tesco own brand bags 2 days earlier ( just got a cat!)
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i've used the tesco stuff with all our cats and had no problems, had many litters too. i think the cats gona **** in it regardless of what brand it is
dont be bob martin cat litter is crap , buy good cat litter and you will find it saves you money but also as cats like to keep clean (as you will find) your cat will like it better
try lidl good cat litter made with fullers earth
great tips.... thanks everyone
catsan is the best!
Catsan smartpack is a bit more expensive but brilliant stuff.
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