Bob Martin flea collar for Dogs only 50p @ B&M

Bob Martin flea collar for Dogs only 50p @ B&M

LocalFound 16th Apr 2016
Bob Martin flea collar.only 50p @B&M.Dated best before 7/2018
Never used on my dog before but thought id give a go.
worth a shot @50p Bob Martin is a well known name in pet care products
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Just had a look at the price on a couple of web sites.
Im happy with my buy
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I'm pretty sure Bob martin flea products are advised against using on you pets.Just google it and you wont use it on your pet.
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there kak

there kak

lol. And i bought 4
Flea collars are rubbish. The fleas just migrate towards the back end of the dog away from the collar. They are also not pleasant for the dog and can cause skin irritation. Spot on type treatments that absorb into the skin work better but it's best to avoid altogether. My dogs have only had fleas once in ten years without been treated and that was due to the lodgers rats... Once I kicked her and the rats out fleas disappeared...
Yes there are warnings re using these products both the cat and dog ones .
Please don't use Bob Martin products. Can be fatal to some Cats and Dogs. I used to work in a Vets and I've seen it happen right in front of me
Please see facebook for some of the serious injuries and deaths caused by Bob Martin products!
Flea collars operate by 'repelling' fleas meaning the minute you put one on... The fleas get off and relocate into the home.
if you guys want the best flea treatment for your dog or cat..
1.. book them into vet for a advocate prescription (we pay around £7 per dog)
2.. make sure they fill it out correct! im sure the examination they have is valid for advocate for a year!!
3.. order advocate from petmeds online stating that the prescription is renuable once.
4.. send off prescription in post to there address stated at order point. (we scan and fax ours but they still need the original this just alows them to process our order)
5.. sit back and realise how much bloody money you just saved!!!!!!

This has been a public service announcement.. no fleas were halmed during the writing of this post.
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