bob martin puppy pads NOW £2.50 A BOX @ Asda

bob martin puppy pads NOW £2.50 A BOX @ Asda


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went down to sunny scunny asda and they got this great deal on.only £2.50 a box for store only i think.

what are puppy pads...????

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they are sheets you put on the floor for the puppy's to wee on instead of your floor and saves your carpet from getting wet.

eeehhhhh yuk... could you not buy nappies..

these work really well if you're toilet training a puppy. they're specially scented to that puppies will learn to go on these very quickly. worked well for us when we got ours

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No Cause These Are Cheaper Than Only 2.5p Each.imagine Seeing A Puppy Go Round With A Nappy On.

Whch store was this as i can find these anywhere?
Does anyone know any stores that actally have them?

Original Poster thats a first ive seen a dog with a nappy on.that is so
i got mine from scunthorpe store

i can't find these anywhere in the north east. Anybody found them?
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