Bob the Builder Bike. Was £119.99 now £59.99 @ Halfords + Extra 10% off

Bob the Builder Bike. Was £119.99 now £59.99 @ Halfords + Extra 10% off

Found 28th May 2010
Halfords have an amazing range of Kids Bikes available. The Bob the Builder 12" Bike has a fully enclosed chainguard to protect little fingers. A great range of bike accessories is also available.
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There is no way this was ever worth £120! They may have advertised it at that price for the statutory minimum, but nobdy would have paid that surely.

Even £60 is pushing it a tad for a 12" which will be outgrown quite quickly. £45-50 maybe.

Just to put that into context, before I am jumped on for criticising the 'before' price - if this deal had gone on here without mentioning the £120, and was therefore just advertising a Bob the Builder bike at Halfords for £54, I'm not sure it'd have people making a mad dash for Halfords either.
Sorry!!! :cry:

I'm only new
TBH I got one of these for my son and if he wasn't so taken by the Bob logo I'd have gone for the Raleigh as the quality of it looked far superior and it has proper tyres (the tread has nearly worn from Bob's back wheel....). The Raleigh was marginally more expensive (and I can see why)
It aint a BAD price for a kids bike with a chain......yes you can get cheap kids bikes, like the Toy Story one posted on Tesco online for £17.50 reduced from £50 odd yesterday, but the best ones are the ones with a chain as the pedals are reachable (in the middle as apposed to being on the front wheel). These types of bikes are v expensive anyway - £60 + if you look on places on Argos! Therefore aint a bad price
this isnt great after finding the toy story one at £17.50 at tesco
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