Bob the builder series 1 & 2 DVD £4.25 @ HMV

Bob the builder series 1 & 2 DVD £4.25 @ HMV

Found 14th Nov 2010
For the first time ever in one fantastic collection, it's the complete Series One and Two of Bob the Builder!

Join Bob, Wendy, and their team of machines in these classic adventures which made Bob the Builder an international superstar! This fantastic collection finds the team repairing barns, taking part in races through Bobsville, line dancing, and even going on a hunt for a missing nose! Proof that hard work and good fun go hand in hand, all that needs to be asked is...Can they fix it?

Episodes comprise:

Series 1

1. Scoop Saves The Day

2. Travis Paints The Town

3. Bob Saves The Hedgehogs

4. Pilchard In A Pickle

5. Muck Gets Stuck

6. Wendy's Busy Day

7. Bob's Bugle

8. Buffalo Bob

9. Travis And Scoop's Race Day

10. Bob's Birthday

11. Naughty Spud

12. Scary Spud

13. Bob's Barnraising

Series 2

1. Spud The Spanner

2. Wallpaper Wendy

3. Runaway Roley

4. Bob's Big Surprise

5. Dizzy's Statues

6. Lofty To The Rescue

7. Wendy's Big Match

8. Tea Set Travis

9. Dizzy's Birdwatch

10. Clocktower Bob

11. Pilchard Goes Fishing

12. Wendy's Tennis Court

13. Bob's White Christmas

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