Bob The Builder - Teamwork Challenge DVD - £2.93 delivered @ Asda!

Bob The Builder - Teamwork Challenge DVD - £2.93 delivered @ Asda!

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Found 30th Jun 2009
Wendy is busy laying a cycle lane in town, and Spud is responsible for controlling the traffic - a job that he gets too enthusiastic about. Even Bob's Pizza run gets caught up in the traffic jam!
When a removal company can't do a job, Wendy's Removal Service step in to help. Mr Bentley arrives to inspect Bob's loft conversion, and finds everything is not quite what he expected.
Lofty spots some rabbits by an old barn, delaying Bob's demolition job. How will the team move them? Farmer Pickles has the answer in Lofty And The Rabbits.
Mr Beasley needs a Lean to built, but when Bob is held up, he decides to start the job on his own with terrible results. Wendy sorts the mess out, but will Bob learn the truth behind Mr Beasley's DIY Disaster?
After a stormy night, there's a lot of work to do for Bob and the team. When a lost baby bird gets stuck down a chimney, it's Roley To The Rescue!

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