Boba Fett Crocs £20 delivered @ Amazon

Boba Fett Crocs £20 delivered @ Amazon

Found 9th Jun 2016
Boba Fett styled Crocs. Not to everyone's liking but normally £32 plus. First deal posted so sorry if wasting your time.

Also currently 6% Quidco on Shoes bought from Amazon.


What a great way of combining two inexplicably popular phenomena!


I wouldn't allow this to be categorised under fashion.

I doubt even the cult status afforded by Boba Fett will be able to redeem the fact that these are still Crocs!

When chilling in my garden I love to rock my crocs.

There...... I said it.

They look more like an orthopedic shoe or for someone suffering elephantitus.

Boba foot

boba will be turning in his sarlac grave as he is slowly digested over a thousand years.
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