Boden Spring 2009 preview - order now with 20% off + free delivery and return
Boden Spring 2009 preview - order now with 20% off + free delivery and return

Boden Spring 2009 preview - order now with 20% off + free delivery and return

I cannot believe i am posting this as i still have to do some X-mass shopping and it might snow soon but here we go =>

For all those Boden lovers (including myself) You can now adore the Spring 2009 collection and pre-order on the preview website.

Snow or Sun what shall it be ?


Can't believe you've posted it either! I got invited to the 'preview' website last winter, it selected email customers only. I discovered access to the preview with the winter catalogue and this link (for the new summer one) went live on Thursday. (I had been checking!) I would not have posted this link for concerns with them pulling the link or not taking the orders if they suddenly receive thousands.... I am sure they will honour orders, but purchasers via this link should be aware that this is generally only sent to selected customers.

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I think the preview website is pretty well known now by Boden costumers, has been the same link for years.

Good reminder though, thank you!

Well I have only been a Boden customer for a couple of years, for the beautiful kids clothes, as the womanswear is so middleaged!!! I know a lot of Boden customers, and I wouldn't say it is well known now by 'Boden customers' but appreciate for longterm users it has always been the same link. I don't think it's wrong to warn people that the link is generally only sent to selected customers, as HUKD is massive and could trigger a lot of orders. I am sure they will honour it as all business is good.
Was just a bit concerned, as in the past when things like this get posted on places like this, it sometimes signals the end of it as the companies change everything to stop it happening.

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Sure I understand altough it is posted all over for years - just google and you get about 300 matches.

I think if Boden wanted to keep this preview to a select nr. only they would not stick with the same link each collection each year.

I am also sure they will honour - they have very good costumer service and I never had a problem with them.
In times like these I am sure they would welcome the extra orders creating more longterm users as ourselves ;))))

I'm getting a security certificate error when I try & buy it - anyone else?

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I managed to place an order OK bluepeter ... maybe try again another time?

Discount has now changed to 10%

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Yes - Thank you for the update => The 10% off offer with free delivery and free returns is valid until 11.59pm on 30th December 2008
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