Bodies - The Complete Series - £13.61

Bodies - The Complete Series - £13.61

Found 2nd Apr 2007
This is a pre-order but a hot deal for this 4 disc set , next cheapest is £29,99 at play!

£13.61 and if you add £1.39 you qualify for free delivery!


Utterly brilliant series. One of the finest productions to come out of the UK in many, many years...

great find! but it'll only be out july 2007? oh dear...

Goramit, you tempt me to go to the Amazon site and I end up spending £70 on DVD boxsets... there are so many good deals there at the moment it's quite amazing...

Great Find!!...voted hot!!:thumbsup:

Great find.

Most definately a misprice. They have got season 2 on its own for more than this!

What's the series like? For that price I might just buy and try!
THis forum is going to cost me a lot of money!! ;-)

It was quite gory but excellent

Thanks for this Nice find!


It was quite gory but excellent

Yes, this is not a feel-good, warm and fuzzy sort of experience. If a loved one is going onto hospital shortly (especially if she is going in to give birth) then you may want to give it a miss.

It is on the other hand powerful, realistic and totally brilliant. I'm amazed that this deal is for Series One, Series Two and the Finale. I had recorded all these at home but to get the whole set done professionally at this price is amazing.

People who enjoy this should also look at the offer for Cardiac Arrest. There was a petition by 600 junior doctors to get that released on DVD and it has many similarities. Then again, the writer was a doctor himself...

Expired - now £29.99

Thanks for the price update.

Original Poster

Yip but hopefuly they'll honour this:thumbsup:

Back again...

I like how this boxset contains Series 1, 2 and the Finale - and Amazon says the perfect thing to buy with it is, er, Series 2 and the Finale in a separate boxset. :giggle:

Just had an email cancelling my order as set is unobtainable.

Yup. Then they suggest Series 1 at £17 as an alternative. Yeah, right.

Same here. oh well, it's been nice having an open order to add things to, to get free shipping!
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