Bodum hand mixer £19.99 reduced from £49.99 instore at Sainsburys

Bodum hand mixer £19.99 reduced from £49.99 instore at Sainsburys

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Found 19th Jan 2013
For the price you can't complain, it was £49.99 reduced to £19.99...cheapest i've seen is £40 from other online retailers.


Can't find that one, but this is Sainsbury's own, are they similar

It's a mixer not a blender. Blenders have blades and would make a real mess of a hand.

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Quite right mccririck...its been a long day, all corrected now.


Bodum are recommended by Betty's cookery school. I have the black one and paid £50 at the time from Amazon. Fantastic piece of kit! I love mine.

Bought the red hand mixer yesterday, they were were all sold out by 3pm. Very trendy looking sturdy built to last hopefully.

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Also got the good house keeping award 2012! If that's anything to go by....
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