Bodum K0810-01 Maestro Cast Iron Wok Large Amazon - was £79 now £40.92

Bodum K0810-01 Maestro Cast Iron Wok Large Amazon - was £79 now £40.92

Found 7th Aug 2009
Bodum K0810-01 Maestro Cast Iron Wok Large

* The cast iron Wok is made for gas, ceramic and conventional stovetops
* Solid glass lid
* Wok rack
* Capacity: 5.8L, 176 oz
* Size: 36.8cm / 14.5"

think this is a misprice - this price wont stay for long
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Good price.

Thanks ordered one!
Certainly cheaper than other places, but that apart, I am puzzled what use a cast iron wok is... never seen one in the flesh, most Chinese users, domestic and commercial have carbon steel woks, which of course cost only a fraction of the price of these.

Intrigued, I had a good look round, and I am still none the wiser, after all, the heat retention/distribution would make it seem good for slow braising or stewing, rather than stir frying, as anyone with cast iron frying pans knows, they don't respond very quickly to turning the heat up or down - but that said, bare cast iron isn't the wisest thing to use for this, as many foods (acidic food eg. tomatoes) have a habit of dissolving the metal during long cooking. Being so heavy, I couldn't fancy carrying one about much either.

That said, and there being only a few brands around, most of them being the Le Creuset enamelled interior type, for very inflated prices, the nearest cheaper alternative I saw was this one…asp for £39.99 delivered, but no lid, although again, if you already have a proper wok, you might well have a wok lid anyway.
For slightly smaller versions, the Indian style Karhai pan is very much cheaper:…asp
is £12.99 plus £4.95 delivery, but again, I don't see much benefit of that either, unless you need you blood iron levels topping up! Generally Birmingham Balti houses use carbon steel Balti pans, not cast iron dishes, so can't say what use one would be either for Indian style food!
£75 is now the price
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