Bodum Latteo milk frother Sainsburys £8 collect

Bodum Latteo milk frother Sainsburys £8 collect



just tried to buy - now showing limited stock
save your money and invest it into an aeroccino machine. They are generally cheaper from the nepresso site if you know someone with an account. normally around £45. This is the best kitchen and most used gadget |I have brought for a long time.
I've wanted one of these for awhile, but I've been put off because of the £12+ price tag.

I had a look at one in a shop and it looks like a Cafetiere, so that got me thinking... would my Cafetiere do the same job?, and yes it seems to work quite well.

So now I warm the milk in my mug in the microwave, pour into the Cafetiere and give it a dozen of pumps and viola firm frothy milk.
Only difference I can guess is that the Cafetiere doesn't go all the way down to the bottom, so you'll always be left with some warm milk.

This is an excellent buy, especially if you love frothy hot chocolate, and you have limited space in kitchen, heat added!
get one of these - far simpler, no washing up and works brilliantly…8-1
I've expired as current stock seems to have gone.
Another cheaper alternative mentioned on earlier thread was a similar device to the Latteo at TK Maxx; no handle though I think I recall.
Thanks for comments.
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