Bodum travel mug plastic Tesco in-store £3

Bodum travel mug plastic Tesco in-store £3

LocalFound 31st Dec 2017
Found this in Tesco Gillingham. No idea if national. Purple Bodrum travel mug £3 wasn't showing reduced but all the other colours on display were £12 apart from this. Don't know if national but in my experience a good travel cup for coffee.
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Probably a one off. The plastic ones are rubbish anyway.
Matter of opinion really. Coffee is fine tea not as good. Metal ones are better but a lot more. I find these are good if like me you don' want scalding coffee 3 hours later
I bought 6 of these a few months back at the same price all but two have cracked and separated pay the extra and buy the metal ones , false economy IMO ...
That' not good I've never had a problem with them personally. Why would you buy 6 ?
i looked at one of these this afternoon in Chorley Tesco Extra but they were £12 so i put it back.
So this must not be National.
Shame sorry to hear that
I bought 2 of these a year ago and have found them to be fantastic
I was surprised how good the insulating properties were for a plastic beaker and have found them to be durable
Purple ones had no shelf edge label other colours labelled at £12 but purple scanning at £3 purchased 4 thanks(embarrassed)
Might be a bit hit and miss then whether stores have them or not
There is a small hole below the cap that isn't protected when the handle/lid is pulled over it. Only found out after it leaked everywhere in the car. Returning
Never seen that not good if it leaked in your car. Mine never has.
Plastic ones are rubbish they don't last long and crack
Had mine 2 years no signs of cracks
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