Bodum UK Pavina Double Walled Thermo Glasses 9oz x 2 £9.49 @ amazon uk

Bodum UK Pavina Double Walled Thermo Glasses 9oz x 2 £9.49 @ amazon uk

Found 13th Mar 2010
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Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with these ingenious double-walled glasses. And because the temperature of the drink doesn't transfer to the outside of the glass, even piping hot drinks are easy to hold. Perfect for any style of coffee whether you choose espresso, cappuccino or latte.
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whats the point?
At first I thought, oh great my son could use these and not burn his hands. I then thought hang on he'd probably burn his tongue off instead.
who spammed this, i KEEL YOU
These are VERY fragile! Beware the tea spoon!! It'll go straight through the bottom if you're not careful.

Keep an eye out in TKMAXX for these - they often come in a tea set for about a fiver.

Nice glasses though.
[SIZE=4]Nice glasses ....though these are a little bigger and not much more....£11.24:

Bodum Set of 2 Large Pavina Glasses] at Argos

[*][SIZE=4]Set of 2 double wall thermal drinking glasses.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=4]Dishwasher safe.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=4]Glass capacity 450ml.[/SIZE][/LIST]

These are VERY fragile! .

Got to agree with that. I was very careful with mine and still broke four whilst washing them. Gave up with them after that, but they are really good aside from not being strong enough, Good design, but I wish somebody would make stronger, better quality ones.

A container that can hold hot and cold drinks.

We are in the future!

Wow.A container that can hold hot and cold drinks.We are in the future!



thats awful
I think mine are great - they do what they say. So far I've managed not to break it either with a teaspoon or by throwing it carelessly against a wall.
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