Body shop body butter 200ml £4.50 (£2.49 del)

Body shop body butter 200ml £4.50 (£2.49 del)

£4.50£7.5040%The Body Shop Deals
Found 31st Dec 2017
Body shop sale on now. CODE 14317 Takes another 40% OFF!!!
Body butter was £14.00 now £7.50....put in code 14317 and comes down to £4.50. (on selected few)
just got 10 x 200mls for £45.00. prob works on other stuff, not tried.
(unable to load image of blueberry peach or raspberry (SO IMAGE WRONG)
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Vineyard Peach 200ml

*Free delivery over £10*


If someone could put pic of peach or blueberry or raspberry body butter.
i spent 10 mins trying and accept computer has won.
it would only give one of coconut. thank you.
I can't get it to work on any I've selected- what did you buy?
Doesn't work on sale items
search for body butter at top not under sale and they come up choose peach rasp or blueberry add to basket then add code

need to spend £10 for free delivery i got 2 peach butters and 2 conditioners cost £10.20 including post then used a £5 birthday gift when u sign up so £5.20. don't forget to go through quidco or topcashback too
dakota200910 m ago

Doesn't work on sale items

does just ordered
2 Rainforest Radiance Conditioner 60 ML

2 Vineyard Peach Body Butter 200 ML

cost £10.20 free delivery then applied birthday rewards £5 so £5.20

thanks op was looking to use my rewards voucher!!
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You can use in store too. I got the almond one for £7.50 less 40%
Body butter, is it for putting on the Wife's baps then? Good spot heat added.
Yay it worked. Got 3 body butters (blueberry, raspberry, olive) for 14.50) 😊 thanks
Might help but wouldn't accept code when I cut/paste code. Only when I typed it in.
dakota200918 m ago

Might help but wouldn't accept code when I cut/paste code. Only when I …Might help but wouldn't accept code when I cut/paste code. Only when I typed it in.

That was a great tip- I couldn't make it work until I read that, thankyou.
Also works on the mango/shea/strawberry treat sets @ £4 making them £2.40 each. They only work on the ones where the photos are the products still in the box not out of the box as there are two of each ones!
It also seems to work on the sale shower gels.

Almond, raspberry and frosted plum shower gel each took money off.

£38 for:
3 treat boxes (above),
4 body butters (inc honey mania not mentioned before),
hemp hand cream
3 shower gels
+ 5% tcb.
£63.50 original sale price:
£25.40 saving
the non sale price would have been huge! Big thanks op
Code does not seem to work does anyone else have a discount code that can be used with sale items? Thank you
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