Body Shop - Body Butter Only £5

Body Shop - Body Butter Only £5

Found 3rd Nov 2010
Body shop are selling Body Butter for only £5 online, if you go in store they are doing two for £15, plus ignore the add telling you two for £15 online, you can get them £5 each and free delivery.


I think the 2 for £15 offer applies to 200ml Body Butters;
200ml £12.50 each or 2 for £15

The 50ml Body Butters are only £5 each

Plus dont forget 20% off code


scousewife is right

these are also on 4 for 3.

It's only £15 to get 2 x 200ml - I think £5 for one small one is a rip off..don't forget discount codes though!!!

Yes, same price as usual for smaller tubs and full price or offer price for larger ones.

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Thanks for the comments guys, think i'll need to cancel my order or return it.
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