Body Shop Discounts Glitch

Body Shop Discounts Glitch

Found 9th Jan 2009
Body shop has quite a few 2 for £10, 3 for £5 offers etc but if you put just one of the items in your basket it seems to take the money off.

For example, lip butter £5 each, 2 for £8 but having one in the basket takes the price of it down to £4.

Seems to work for all products in an offer. Not much of a discount but every little helps.
Couldn't see this mentioned before so sorry if it has been.

Also 18% quidco and lots of vouchers around.



Nice one, thanks Nememene

not working for me...still comes up as normal price...
Maybe they fixed it?

I have tried this but it is not working. Two lip butters still come up as £10

Original Poster

this still works fine - discounts come up just before putting payment details in.

Please unexpire.
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