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Right Guard 3D Anti-Perspirant (Big 250ml) @ Bodycare (INSTORE) for only 99p
Found 26th Oct 2010Found 26th Oct 2010
Big 250ml Right Guard 3D Anti-Perspirant for only 99p. These are over £2 anywhere else ive checked! Really good price if you got a bodycare near you.....

cracking deal. thanks op. cant believe people voted cold because they haven't heard of the shop!


Heres a pic of the shop... for those doubters!!


Look its not my fault if theres no Bodycare store near you or youve never heard of it! The fact is that there is a store called bodycare (which im sure people will back me up) ...... and most of all its a cracking deal!!! I was in wilkinsons last week after reading a post on here that they had them for 97p..... it was only for the 150ml and the 250ml was £2.25 or something. As for the 3D... I havent got a clue what it means and if your curious just give Henkel an email asking them! It is the name of the anti-persperant so i added it in the title, its a really good product, and its extremely cheap at only 99p!!!


Wilkinsons have it. Don't know what's 3D about it.



Oxy spot reducing range for men £1.99p @ Bodycare instore
Found 21st Oct 2010Found 21st Oct 2010
Found this in Bodycare store (Wakefield). Excellent skin care range for men, highly recommend it. Oxy Face scrub £1.99 (Boots £4.49p) Oxy Anti-Spot Balm £1.99 (Boots £5.99p) Oxy … Read more

The womens version has sold out in Newcastle so don't go ordering any food in restaurants unless you like mayonnaise dressing.


save your money and use just water

Aquafresh Extra Fresh Daily Mouthwash 600 ml 89p @ Bodycare
Found 10th Jul 2010Found 10th Jul 2010
Aquafresh Extra Fresh Daily Mouthwash 600 ml. 89p reduced from £2.99 @ Bodycare
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A Bodycare website would be useful too; but alas the company have not reached the 20th century, let alone the 21st cntury I fear - hence why there is no "link"


Yeh, a link would be helpful.


any link?

Aussie Gift Bags - cheaper than 2 for £5!!! @ Bodycare
Found 5th May 2010Found 5th May 2010
Noticed these instore @ Bodycare (Leeds St John's Centre branch). They had absolutely loads and probably nationwide too. Blue bag contains: Full-size Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo… Read more
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Great Deal....Picked up three today from the Bolton store. Had lots left!!:-D


What does it say on the bags?


Thanks for the store updates everyone


Yeah I live with a guy from Australia and he has never heard of it, although I'm sure I recall reading once that it is only name Aussie because the exotic ingredients are native to Australia and not because it is produced there... :thinking::thinking::thinking: :-D


i wondered if there was a london branch too - aussie products are good - sainsbury's had a half-price offer on many hair products (including aussie) a few weeks ago so i was able to stock-up.

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Razor - Bodycare £2.99
Found 30th Mar 2010Found 30th Mar 2010
Popped into bodycare today and noticed that they are currently selling the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Razor. I purchased this myself from asda last month for £3 and it more t… Read more
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Fully agree thought I would try wilkinson sword as they had a deal on a while ago after 1 shave I put the lot in the bin.....very poor


Its better then the Gillette Mach 3 - The Mach3 used to be the dogs ******** until Gillette launched their new supercharged turbo nonsense and then made a conscious decision to lower the quality of their mach 3 blades as not enough customers were switching to the newer (much more expensive) versions!


These are nowhere near as good as Gillette or King of Shaves. Steer clear.


Cut Price.:whistling:


Price & retailers name in the title would be handy :)

Listerine 6 in 1 Total Care Mouthwash 1L @ Bodycare
Found 16th Feb 2010Found 16th Feb 2010
As title really - Listerine Total Care Mouthwash is the most advanced and complete Listerine with 6 benefits in 1 and a clean mint flavour. First post and I apologise if already p… Read more

had this from wilkinson 4 weeks ago at £1.99, waiting till they do it again


Tesco are doing it for £3.49 until 24/02/2010 The cool mint one is £2.50


Tesco are also doing this for £3.49 until next week. Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash Cinnamint 1 Litre

Elizabeth French Tea Tree Exfoliating Scrub at 29p for 150ML - Instore @ Bodycare
Found 27th Jan 2010Found 27th Jan 2010 Found this review (with photo) on the product (its not a favourable review) - bought some in Body… Read more

the one i bought was facial scrub. though I also saw the same make in Conditioner and a body lotion (I think) which were also 29p (marked on the shelf at that)


Was this for the Body Scrub or Facial Scrub?

Tee Tree Roll On Blemish Stick ONLY 49P @ BODYCARE
Found 27th May 2009Found 27th May 2009
Fantasic deal, cheapest iv ever bought one for, look at the prices of these. How can they justify charging us so much? Not the exact as in pic, Just showing you what i meen, They … Read more
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thanks for this i hope they have them in all of their stores as im in need of some for my spots :blushes:

3 pack Durex ribbed condoms for 89p instore @ Bodycare
Found 12th May 2009Found 12th May 2009
title says all really :)

Well, he is basically saying urmm whether its a cave or a keyhole ...... :whistling: how else to describe it seems as its a family forum


emm? :? I make sweet love to neither a wizards sleeve or a mouses ear. Am I missing something? :w00t:


word of warning about the ribbed versions ... they may add extra stimulation for a wizard's sleeve, but for a mouse's ear they can be uncomfortable :-(


voted COLD sloppy seconds the way to go........


This has been around for AGES! But it's still hot none the less :)

Pit Rok push up Crystal deodorant stick £1.99 INSTORE only @ Bodycare
Found 9th May 2009Found 9th May 2009
Pit Rok push up crystal deodorant stick £1.99 at Bodycare Sells for around 5-6 pound in Superdrug & Boots! Instore not sure if online too. Mod edit: There is no ON LINE store … Read more

Thanks for that - and for posting the deal. It's certainly not your fault that the link doesn't work, and that nobody on HUKD seems to be able to fix it. :thumbsup:


Its not my fault the link doesn't work. These were in the Bodycare store in Manchester Arndale near WH Smith, thats all I can tell you:roll:


Reported to the Mods earlier today - any chance of a fix, please?


I searched last night too with no idea???????? Really could do with some of these at that price for my husband.


Very true. I've searched and have no idea which shop this refers to.

bodycare self tan wipes reduced to 39p in-store
Found 6th May 2009Found 6th May 2009
single self tan wipes available in different shades, gives an even streak-free tan. reduced from 99p to 39p in-store

i found them in the Ayr store but they should be available elsewhere


I think it means 'which bodycare store?' ie. where.


it says Bodycare:?


i'm not interested in self tan wipes but those who are may be interested to know where (i.e. in which store) these are being sold!

Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion (250ml) only 99p instore @ Bodycare
Found 3rd Apr 2009Found 3rd Apr 2009
This stuff retails for up to £5; Bodycare have always been the best price to buy it. They normally sell it for £1.99; but they've gone quite giddy and reduced it to 99p. Why shoul… Read more

i have just come back from sainsburys and thought i got a good deal, they have it reduced 1/2 price i paid about £1.50 but they also have the darker version on sale dont know if bodycare only have the lighter one


Hi It's an instore deal only. Bodycare don't have a working website at present. Regards Andy


me too...where is this Bodycare...can't find it online!!


I really need some more of this - was just thinking about it yesterday. What's this 'Bodycare' is it a store or website, please?


fantastic. i despise buying these at full price.

Ambi pur puresse mini spray and refill - 49p + 29p each instore at Bodycare
Found 11th Jan 2009Found 11th Jan 2009
I was in my local Bodycare yesterday and bought an Ambi Pur puresse mini spray for the bathroom and it was only 49p. They also had the refills for 29p too. They had cotton and … Read more

i got the spray from home and bargain for 79p or 89p cant remember, but got thr refill sfrom tescos for 10p


Great bargain if your local store has them in the clearance section. My local store(Port Glasgow) never has anything like this in the clearance section when I'm in.


It's worth checking the reduced section at your local Tesco if you are interested in these. I got both the sprays and the refills for 10p each a few weeks ago and just today in Ilminster I saw that they still had loads of the refills for 10p on the shelf. ClashInDevon

Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes Refill 64 X 4 packs i.e 256 wipes only £2.79 instore at Bodycare
Found 8th Dec 2008Found 8th Dec 2008
Just bought 4 packs of Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes Refill packs for a bargain price of £2.79 in Bodycare.

According to the poster outside my branch it finishes on the 8th... tonight.


The offer on half price baby toiletries at sainsburys finishes tomorrow though! So be quick! :thumbsup:


these are 3.36 for a box of 6 in costco.


£2.50 for a 4 pack? Wow....that's molten lava hot


good price, but if you have a sainsburys close they are £2.50 at the moment still hot though

Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Spray and Refill Magnolia & Cherry Blossom RRP £6.99-  £11.99 instore £3.49!!!!
Found 24th Sep 2008Found 24th Sep 2008
Airwick Freshmatic And Refill 250ml With boost button Bargain. There in a Box. ****** Picture is for illustration only to show you what I mean ***** The fragrance is Spring m… Read more
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yeah my family use these and so do i, the refils go around £3.50 and the refil state up 2 60 days use which mines didnt even last that long even though i was using 36 minute timing setting i just got the asda refils which work in the freshamatic device the refils were on offer clean linen for £2.00


I thought that when I got them,, As refills alone are nearly £3.00. It was only this fragrance at this price the lavender was nearly £6.00 for some reason. They are in a special box, not plastic moulding, The code on my receipt is I10625 A/W FM MAX £3.49 I will ask when I next go in to see if in other stores, sorry you didn't get one.


i own 1 of these which i managed to buy from asda few weeks ago at £3.00 i bought 2 the staff wanted to take it out my trolly lol being so cheap the staff were comming up 2 me and stating what isle i had picked them up from and that they wanted to show the mangers if they had any more comming,i knew there game so i told them you know what the product is called go and tell your manager what the product is. as to your post i spoke to head office body care and they have clearly stated they dont have these on offer in none of there brances sounds like they dont know what there talking about but trust me there are not at that price where i am and secondley u got a good bargain


Yes they are thats why I got 3 of them They squirt and it goes in to all the rooms downstairs, Ex Buy at this price.


I bought 3 yesterday from Ormskirk Branch, and the lavender version is £5.79. I have receipt here for them,

LYNX Snake Peel, £1.69 BOGOF @ Bodycare
Found 6th Sep 2008Found 6th Sep 2008
Just spotted this in the window of my local store. 85P each! Bargain
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Don't forget they are also close to this price in Wilkinsons if this store runs out, at 87p with BOGOF £1.75 online and offline. Voted hot though ;) And at Wilkos it's all varieties! It's in my thread if anyone needs it. But this is a great deal if you have a nearby Bodycare, unfortunately I don't. :(


yep, bargain :thumbsup:

Nivea For Men Skin Essentials Q10 (revitalising cream and eye relief)
Found 12th Feb 2007Found 12th Feb 2007
Well, I might be a vain old bugger, but I'm not too proud to post this! My boyish good looks have been enhanced the past few years by the Nivea For Men range... and a wander into … Read more
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deal is still on, plenty in stock at bodycare at the shires shopping centre in leicester


Sounds like a brilliant bargain and I would have got some for my other half but seeing as you've bought out the Cheltenham store, no point me trying!


Yeah my mistake...i didnt read your post properly :giggle:


Took a look on eBay before posting... saw people selling the individual products on BuyItNow listings for the price you say, but not both together. As I said, for £6.99 you get the Revitalising Cream AND Eye Relief. And I know Boots isn't perhaps the best example, but using it anyway, it would cost you £20.98 there.


Its about the going rate for this product.. Ebay shops are selling it for £5.99 and some for £5.45. SORRY to put a dampers on things!!

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