Bodyform 30 Pantyliners £1 Delivered @ Amazon!

Bodyform 30 Pantyliners £1 Delivered @ Amazon!

Found 7th Jan 2011Made hot 8th Jan 2011
Product Description
Incredibly soft.
Cotton soft surface.
As flexible as your underwear.

Bodyform String liners have a unique shape to fit your string underwear. The cotton soft, flexible surface will ensure you hardly notice it's there.
Feel Secure. Wear Bodyform.

Manufacturer's Description

Bodyfrom String liners fit your string underwear like a glove.
It fits so well you won't even feel it. You can feel fresh everyday. If the underwear fit, the liner will too. Bodyform Thin Liners range - one of life's little luxuries.

Feel secure. Wear Bodyform.

Lingerie Pattern.
Thin and flexible.
Cotton soft surface.


amazon sell these?

What next.....

Bodyfor-orm, body form for yoooo. I vote hot just for the music.

Original Poster


Are these left over from the Christmas period?

No more skidmarks hurraaaaaaaah!

Oh I see! They're not for blokes then?

Sorry, sensible post alert! Saw a box of 50 bodyform pantyliners in Superdrug for £0.99. They were also selling boxes of 20 Always pantyliners for £0.99, buy one get one free. Forget the Amazon deal!

Nope as those come with a tinsel attached to it. Nope I got it all wrong those were the xmas ponpons, I mean tampons


Are these left over from the Christmas period?


Bloody good deal.

Thanks for posting.

Well spotted, the OP deserves a standing ovulation.

.....for a limited period only.....

Bloody hot from me!

Expired! Now showing £1.66 + £1.35 for p&p......
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