Bodyform sanitary towels with FREE Protective Tin, 2 for £2 (1 priced at £1.55) @Tesco

Bodyform sanitary towels with FREE Protective Tin, 2 for £2 (1 priced at £1.55) @Tesco

Found 8th Aug 2013
Tesco is running a deal on Bodyform sanitary towels, with 2 packs for £2. One pack is priced at £1.55.
Compared to the other major stores, this deal is still the best

Other stores:
Asda (£1.54 each)
Sainsburys (£1.55 each)
Okay Boots and Morrisons have them on special (£1 each) but It do not know if these apply to the packs with free tins.

I see Tesco applies this deal to most( if not all), of the Bodyform varieties.

But look for the Specially marked packs that come with a special travel tin. So you can carry a few sanitary towels in your handbag. But you can use the tin for anything really. Plus, they have really pretty designs.

So if you buy 2 of these packs, you save money and receive two pretty and very handy compact tins.

NOTE; This deal is online on the Tesco website. But on the online store, I cannot find the specially marked packs with the free tins.
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    For a limited period only, bloody good deal, etc. etc. ...
    Use a moon cup instead. works out a lot cheaper. Just dont do any handstands while wearing. yummy
    Good deal. Heat added.

    And thanks, now I'm going to have that 'oh-whoa Bodyform, Bodyform for you' song in my head all day.

    I would suggest that you can't really use the free tin for anything though. I'd feel pretty weird offering someone a Werther's Original from a tin used for storing jamrags.

    Edited by: "badgerman2" 8th Aug 2013
    I can see this going "red" hot.
    Asda also doing same deal got these last wk
    Morrisons have the ones with tin on offer too.
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