BOFFER FREEBIE: Magnetic Desk Dots
BOFFER FREEBIE: Magnetic Desk Dots

BOFFER FREEBIE: Magnetic Desk Dots

Desk Dots are a versatile desk accessory that can be used as an organizer, picture holder, desk sculpture, business card holder and stress reliever. Desk Dots are super powerful ceramic magnets that can hold together even with lots of material between them.
Break up the daily monotony and release your creativity by breaking off a few Desk Dots as a fun stress reducer. They also make an incredible buzzing sound when two individual pieces come together on a smooth surface.
Desk Dots can quickly switch from function to fun and back again by rearranging the dots instantly on your desk. Use them on your refrigerator, filing cabinet, or wherever as a magnetic push pin to bring attention to your to-do lists or announcements.
Whatever you use them for they are bound to make and impression and will always lead to new possibilities...

Each pack contains 4 desk dots.

Delivery: £2.99 or FREE if you follow their quick simple Twitter integration!


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sold out within a minute

got mine - but now says sold out!!

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Ouch, that was quick! Sold out already! Maybe they'll put more up soon, check back in a while.

5 mins .. they must have less than 50 sets.

*consoles self not to buy more dust collectibles lol.

If you post boffer freebies here then they will diffidently go super fast, Keep the boffer freebies quiet shhh! hehe


Remember NOT to use them to hold your Bus Pass, Credit Card and so on!!!

If they are that strong they will kill the magnetic strip enough to stop it scanning.

Keep computer diskettes away from them as well (if anyone is still using them!).
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