Boffer Sell Off starting at 11.59pm on 16/08/09
Boffer Sell Off starting at 11.59pm on 16/08/09

Boffer Sell Off starting at 11.59pm on 16/08/09

Boffers 1st Birthday sell of starts at 11:59pm on 16/08/09 for those who may have forgot.

I got an email as well saying that BOC (Bags of Crap) will be making an appearance this time round as well.

You tube - Boffer BOC - if you dont know what they are!



Starts tomorrow night.


We are having a "sell off" birthday party on starting at 11.59pm on the 16th and we are going to make sure it’s one hell off a sell off.

^^^^^^^^^^^ Taken from Boffer website

Title/description amended


Title/description ammended





Ooops, ammended amended ;-)

Look at the cold votes, Boffer must be going downhill :-(

Do u have 2 b invited to receive a boffer boc?

no invite to get boc as far as i know i have had 3 and would say dont bother you get what it says on the tin also i dont think the op is getting anything from boffer i posted on mse when boffer first started not told to by any boffer staff but accussed lots of times as being staff just got caught up in the hype not interested any more have found my best bargins from other sites using hukd.

The sell off is now rubbish & so are the bocs, they started out doing really good deals.

Yes, I never bother with their selloffs now. Getting like play.com sales

Thanks guys for the heads-up or in this case not, i think will give it a miss and catch-up on my zzzz's;-)
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