BOGOF - Donimoes Pizza...
BOGOF - Donimoes Pizza...

BOGOF - Donimoes Pizza...

Not sure if its just a north east thing, but the local rag are promoting a buy one get one free pizza deal.

Voucher (im guessing) in tomorrows Sunderland Echo


I had a Domino pizza last week as part of the free pizza promotion in the Sun.

I couldn't believe how poor it was given its "normal" price of £8.99. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to have paid even half price for it.

Sorry, cold from me.

Think its hit and miss really with the quality of any pizza. Personal experience has always meant that local pizza companies are very good on quality and price!

Surely you should be rating the offer which in itself is a good offer regardless of whether the pizza you had last week was good or not.

My local Dominos is 100x much better than the local Pizza Hut. They give way more toppings than Pizza Hut and arrive hot. Eventhough the Pizza Hut is closer to my place, it ALWAYS arrive warm. In the last 4 times I ordered, I had to phone them 1 hour after calling in two occasions. It took 1 hour 15 min to arrive in those two times and one of those times arrived warm...

It's still a good deal in my opinion based on the usual price, which is often paid!

Voted Hot But Aren't Dominoes Normally Buy One Get One Free On Delivery Anyways I Swear It Has Been For Years
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