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Haagen-Dazs Caramel Biscuit and Cookie Dough XXL Tubs (Brighton Marina)

In store: Brighton & Hove ·
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Caramel biscuit and cookie dough on offer .


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  1. wised_up's avatar
    what is an XXL size?
    AdrianZamescu's avatar
  2. Adam's avatar
    Great find OP, i would have grabbed a couple !
  3. youngchap's avatar
  4. Riddeck17's avatar
    Does "xl" mean that they are back to the size they used to be before shrinkflation?
    bozo007's avatar
    It has been 460ml for many years. This size is 650ml, so bigger than whatever you are thinking about.
  5. sjs31's avatar
    I remembered to look for it when picking up something today for hubby, and saw 1 tub with a £4.49 s.e.l.. It scanned at 99p!!
    Thanks for posting, OP - it's a great find!
  6. Maybe_Tomorrow's avatar
    Time to raid lidl ! That ice cream is quality.
  7. apollotheninja's avatar
    Next time you're in a shop, compare the ingredients of the vanilla flavour to this
    heavywater's avatar
    Thanks, sounds like a great day out with the kids.
  8. bozo007's avatar
    This is delicious!
  9. Pinky111's avatar
    Nice find
  10. youngchap's avatar
    Wasn't in my local store so I think it's only available in some stores
  11. verma's avatar
    Not in my local too.. end up buying some gelatelli 💔
  12. weeklycoconut's avatar
    Didn’t see any last time, shall look around bit more today
  13. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    HD ice cream is great because it has 5 ingredients and that's it. No whipping it up with air to fool you that you're getting more for your money when actually you're being hoodwinked because you're being less.
    sjs31's avatar
    I think this Sainsbury's TTD Vanilla ice cream is excellent, possibly even better than H.D's Vanilla . Definitely worth trying, i.m.o.
    sainsburys.co.uk/gol…0ml (edited)
  14. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    Good price.... but what happened to premium ice cream ? It used to be quality ingredients now it's just sugar
  15. crixus's avatar
    They're isn't a Lidl in Brighton Marina, only an Asda.
    AdrianZamescu's avatar
    Arunndel road, 2 min from asda marina
  16. masterkik's avatar
    Is it nationwide or local offer
's avatar