BOGOF Huggies Nappies *Instore* @ Tesco
BOGOF Huggies Nappies *Instore* @ Tesco

BOGOF Huggies Nappies *Instore* @ Tesco

Huggies are BOGOF super dry nappies or pullups and little swimmers are half price too! Think this deal is only available in store!

helper edit: It looks as if there are plenty of Huggies deals online as well.
Here's a couple of examples:
Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time for Girls Large 12-18kg (12) £5.48 any 2 FOR 1 - Valid until: 20/03/2011
Huggies Super Dry Size 4+ 9-16kg (52) £9.98 any 2 FOR 1 - Valid until: 29/03/2011


and sometimes the pampers money off vouchers work too!

stocked up today in our local - had loads of vouchers for pampers and huggies as we had our second baby 5 months ago. saved a fortune!!

What money off vouchers? Everyone refers to them, yet no one seems to let on..

Come on folks, please share

I had some vouchers through today, came with the toddler magazine we get sent every 6months or so.

there are coupons for Huggies in the bounty pack booklets too

money off vouchers from tesco - you get them at the till with your receipt eg £1.50 off pampers size 4

ditto to everyone who posted after me - when you get pregnant/have a baby, make sure you sign up for all the supermarkets, boots etc... baby clubs - they send you vouchers all the time! bounty packs are pretty rubbish, but you do get a few money off vouchers...

No use to me as mines almost 4 ... but cant fault a BOGOF. Voted HOT

The organic cotton (natural) Huggies are half price in Tesco too.

Can't comment on the price, but we got a couple of BIIG boxes of huggies on a deal at Costco a few weeks back.. We've always used Asda own brand (little angels) til now..

Going back to the asda brand asap.. Found huggies to be way inferior in quality & performance..

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Bought Huggies Little swimmers from store and used money off voucher for £2 they only cost me 0.49p as they were half price!
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