BOGOF Lotus Elise Experience (16th April Only) @ Drivers Dream Days

BOGOF Lotus Elise Experience (16th April Only) @ Drivers Dream Days

Found 13th Apr 2011
Was looking to book something to look forward to and thought this is a worthy post...

Lotus Elise Thrill - now just £89 for 2 people - Buy One Get One Free at Drivers Dream Days

If you would like to experience electrifying acceleration and unbelievable road handling, then this experience is for you.
You can learn driving skills and techniques from your instructor in a car that not only has thrilling handling
characteristics but is also a legend with true motor sport heritage! Go on have a go.

Buy One Get One Free - This is only valid for two different named drivers only.

•Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing on circuit driving techniques
•2 laps Demonstration/Familiarisation with a qualified instructor
•4 laps driving a Lotus Elise
•Presentation of Certificate including driver assessment
•Commemorative Video or Photo's available to purchase on the day

ONLY at Prestwold Driving Centre, Leics.
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This seems very short duration - 6 laps and you're told to allow for "at least one hour" at the venue, including briefing???
Its crap. Not even worth the petrol money to the circuit let alone these prices. Go karting - a lot cheaper and a million times more fun.
Edited by: "Clipper" 13th Apr 2011
1.8miles of a circuit @ 1mile per minute (the track doesnt have any real corners) = 8minutes of you driving the car and that presumes a speed of 60mph as a constant.…htm

I'm with clipper, go karting, cheaper at about £15/hr and also a hell of a lot more fun, if you're gonna spend £40 for each then you could get 4-6 of you karting and it's a hell of a blast. Plus you could always invite friends and get them to pay and then save yourself money.
Edited by: "Astec123" 13th Apr 2011
Drive at 2 mile an hour and get hours of fun?

Never thought these were good value really, seems a lot for an hours entertainment
Spend the money on a proper driver training day at the Lotus factory instead. You will get all day to totally thrash the car to within an inch of it's life and drive on the edge.

Not voted either way though.
Having had some dealings with the Lotus Elise it most certainly isn’t my dream car.
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