BOGOF on all PC Games @ Greenman Gaming!

BOGOF on all PC Games @ Greenman Gaming!

Found 27th Jul 2010
An excellent offer here - Greenman Gaming are now offering a buy one get one free offer on all their pc game downloads. So not only can you trade in the game when you finish with it but you can get another one for free and i would think trade that one back for value as well, can't see anything saying not anyway.
Buy this game and receive a voucher, via email, to the same value to be redeemed against any other game on Green Man Gaming. Voucher must be redeemed within 30 days of initial purchase.


Hot deal.

However, I dont get if I am missing something here? They are offering to trade in Downloaded games? Because I cannot see how that is supposed to work. I think that your suggestion that you can download BOGOF and then trade in afterwards might be a little misleading as downloaded games as far as I was aware cannot be traded in afterwards but a hot deal none the less the the BOGOF.

I think the way this site works is that if you decide you no longer want the game then you can transfer it to another member of the site in an amazon trade kind of fashion. Obviously no business will do a trade back on an downloaded pc game as it would be all loss to them

A great deal for people that took advantage of their free game offer a couple of months ago.

If you look carefully you can find quite a few games where the trade in value is more than half the cost of the game, so on a BOGOF deal you can end up with more credit than what it cost you - which if it all comes from what was originally a free game you are doing well

Tropico 3 for instance - cost £17.99, with a trade in of £15 - so you could buy it, trade it in, use your BOGOF code to get it again for free, trade that in, and you now have £30 of credit to use on green man gaming, for buying any combination of lower priced games on their site.

I have used the trade in feature on this site, and while you (generally) get back less than you paid, credit on your account can be used on any game.

BOGOF offer still available.

Deal still running
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