bogof on PSP/PS2/DS games in-store @ Game

bogof on PSP/PS2/DS games in-store @ Game

Found 22nd Dec 2007
buy one get one free at game for ps2 psp ds and you can mix so buy a ds lite game and get a psp game for free...this was in the shop so dont know if its online


could you not have put more info in the title. i am not interested in this deal whatsoever but had to click on it to see what it was

Had a look at this in the shop earlier and the games are general way over priced compared to net prices, voted cold

More informative titles are always useful please howey.... bogof doesn't tell us very much!

thanks, some good ds titles included that the kids wanted, cooking mama,football 2008, scooby do and lots of others

at £12.50 a game works out quite cheap and keeps the kids happy!:thumbsup:
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