BOGOF on the Tesco Pound Range
BOGOF on the Tesco Pound Range

BOGOF on the Tesco Pound Range

Hi all,
Just noticed in my local tesco last night that they had all the pound saver range at buy one, get one free. Not sure if it is all stores, but a member of staff said it should be as they try to clear the range.
Products vary, but include:
Picture Hanging Kit £1
Finding Nemo Bubble Bath £?
Pack of 10 highlighters £1
Pack of envelopes £1

And various other bits and pieces. Some useful, some junk! Not sure of the name of the promotion, but was something like pound saver range.

I managed to get some of the small pink food bowls for my daughter.

Anyway - probably not worth a dedicated visit, but worth keeping an eye out next time you are in Tesco! (Instore only)

Hope this helps someone!


They always do this - they go from £1 to bogof, then down to 10p clearance a week or 2 later............might be worth waiting if your need is not urgent

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The trick I have found is that the minute I buy something from the range, they get reduced the following day...!

my tesco don't have a £1 range

thanks, voted hot
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