BOGOF or 25% off (online) EVERYTHING @ Holland & Barrett
BOGOF or 25% off (online) EVERYTHING @ Holland & Barrett

BOGOF or 25% off (online) EVERYTHING @ Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett are currently having a great offer whereby you can get 25% off single items or buy one, get one free on the same item (same size). This applies to everything! Not sure if it applies also in-store.

Also, if you're a Quidco user, you can get 15% cashback on top if tracking goes smoothly.


Funny it was buy one get one half price last time I looked.

+1 and that was 1 minute ago

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Oh really? Never noticed, when was the last time you checked? The 25% off is great for experimenting with different supplements.

My sister is a manger with Holland & Barrett - she said she knows nothing of this offer - the current one at the moment is buy one get one half price

But they are due a promotion change over this week

i happened to just went and bought something there 30 min ago and its definitely only buy 1 get 1 half price. The sales told me about it and I then read the sign myself.

Voted cold, due to the nature of the products they sell. As your better of not spending your money on supplements as they don't work generally.

on their website they have buy one get one half price or 25% off for 1 item. It ends up being the same savings, its just less complex to figure out when you're in the shop to think of 25% off and you don't have to buy 2 items.

Still... supplements are over priced IMHO and would only go for their 'healthy' dried food. and ideally 50% since I suspect they mark up stuff to just have promotions.
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