BOGOF plain dyed bed sets from £8 @ argos

BOGOF plain dyed bed sets from £8 @ argos

Found 27th Dec 2009Made hot 29th Dec 2009
i have reserved the one in the link but they start from £8 and reviews aint bad either for 2 sets of bedding cant go wrong really i got them for the kids beds :-)


I reserved two of these earlier and there was a bit of confusion in the shop when the discount did not come off. Apparently they are in packs of 2 so you only need to reserve one (this was on the king size so it may not be the same for the other sizes).

Nice find OP - heat added!

Note the message: "Buy one Plain dye duvet set and get another Plain dye duvet set of the same size and colour free. Offer is included in pack. Please note it will not show in your trolley. Offer ends 22nd January 2010."

So sounds like you only need to reserve/buy one pack as suggested by *scooby*. Hope to pick mine up tomorrow

Yep, only need to reserve/buy one as they come in one sealed pack which has 2 duvet covers and 4 pillow case covers

thanks for this :thumbsup:

Is this just on single and doubles? as can't find any

Oooh this is ideal for when my mum visits this week as I don't iron the bedding and she always tuts!! At least this will be ready ironed!!

Sorry... Care to explain... am i correct in saying I only require to place an order for one?
Does that i mean i require at least two in stock for this offer to work?

You only need to order one. They come in a twin pack. Bought a single and king size last week at full price :x Never mind as they were the last in stock at the time, and they are good value even at the normal price.
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