Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen & The Muppets - Track 79p, Video £1.89 or both for £1.99 - iTunes Online
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen & The Muppets - Track 79p, Video £1.89 or both for £1.99 - iTunes Online

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen & The Muppets - Track 79p, Video £1.89 or both for £1.99 - iTunes Online

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Hi all,

You can buy the track for 79p
You can buy the video for £1.89p
You can buy both for £1.99p

Due to the overwhelming response to the Youtube video version of the Muppets rendition of the Queen classic seen here


, it has been released to challenge the X Factor and Rage Against The Machine for Christmas Number One.

I know which one I want for the Number One spot - MUPPETS ALL THE WAY.

There is a Facebook Campaign running to spread the word of this song and get it to Christmas Number One to beat the COWELL, who owns X Factor and apparently the label RATM are signed to.

Join here



A three horse race,brilliant!
Bring it on!
This is a song the grannies can get behind,and might even get airplay if it gets to number one!
I have bought RATM, might have to buy this one now..........................

Might even top 3790 degrees of heat............

Oh they are releasing this?

I saw a part of it on TV yesterday and just thought it was from a comedy sketch show.....

I maybe smiled for a few seconds and then was bored so turned it over.

Gets hot from me, nostalgia on 2 points and a giggle, anything that keeps the Flop Factor off number 1 has got to be good.

Spread the word..

Best ever version of the song!!!

Heat & Rep added, this is so funny.:-D

I understand that the RATM campaign was started in an attempt to make sure that the Christmas number 1 was anything but an X Factor song this year, but I don't understand the choice of song. A Christmas no. 1 doesn't have to be seasonal, but wouldn't you rather have something fun like the Muppets grab the top spot for Christmas? Also the original Bohemian Rhapsody was a Christmas no. 1, so it would be a nice homage.

I really hope this beats x factor, great fun !!

Original Poster

Just adding the link for the video and facebook group as you can't go directly to them from the title, unless anyone knows how to mend it...

Video - youtube.com/wat…vqY

Facebook Group - facebook.com/hom…php

Love this, thanks OP:thumbsup:


This is the original Muppets for Christmas number one Facebook group I think - much more information there:


Go Muppets! :santa:

Very funny and not a bad version of the song

Great stuff!

seen this on mtv yesterday ace


Just bought the vid, love it!

Original Poster

now available on Amazon for 79p for those without iTunes


See now thi is more like it, I actually like this lol

I'm still waiting for the great unwashed to put themselves behind this,then I will cheerily throw in my 79p

Queen are in support, see the link to the Brian May web site, brianmay.com/wha…tml .
Much more fun than X factor.

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I'm just hoping if we could get them to Number One to show how much we appreciate the muppets, they will bring the show back, that'd be awesome.

Go Muppets!!!

Heat&Rep added

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If this gets to the top 5 in the last 24hrs overnight, I think it may have the potential to get very hot and a lot of support for the single..... GO MUPPETS!!:thumbsup:

RATM ftw

Original Poster

C'mon Hot Deals, vote this hot until it gets into the top 5, to spread the word about the song. I so don't want RATM or X Factor to be Number One..... Muppets would be much better because it is FUN!!

Love it, amazing song!


Go muppets

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Tune Tribe are now doing this for an amazing 49p!!!!

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