Boiler & Central Heating Insurance £8.99/month @ Homeserve

Boiler & Central Heating Insurance £8.99/month @ Homeserve

Found 30th Dec 2010
Found an amazing saving from Homeserve. £8.99 a month + £45 Quidco for COMPREHENSIVE cover, which covers boiler & controls, central heating system, drains, water supply pipes to your house, internal plumbing and drains, electrical wiring, internal gas supply pipe & the roof against pest infestations & security emergencies. All That for £63 for the year. you cant get anywhere near that price for just boiler cover!!!!!
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Good price, but I've been with Homeserve before and didn't have a good experiece.

Had a annual service, nothing wrong. Then we needed to claim and they came out and did it, but on the next service they found that the pipe from the meter into the house wasn't sealed properly (even though we'd not touched it ever and it was like that for the first service). The same company and person who did the service found this, and they then wanted me to get it sorted before they can cover me again so I told them where to go.

It's typical insurance mentality - all is well when they're taking your money but once you need something off them they screw you over.
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Quidco isnt guaranteed.

So thats a possible price of £5.25 per month. Gotta be worth a punt?
The Flexi option means you pay a lower annual fixed amount and then simply pay £50 each time you make a claim.

It sounds like you still have to pay every time you call them out.....................
I have been with this company for years and have the policy that covers everything, boiler, pipes, electrics etc and pay around £18 a month. Have used them lots!! three times for the boiler alone and cant fault the company. I chose the more expensive plan as the lower one has a price limit - anyway I do recommend them
unless your boiler is over seven years old then the small print kicks in, Repair value is on a sliding scale depending on the boiler age and type. If they deem not economical to repair you will get £200 towards a new one, beware if boiler over 7 years old.
I have a policy with Homeserve, I had a flood on Christmas eve which left an 1" of water throughout the house and blew the electrics, rang Homeserve expecting them to turn someone out, first available date was 28th December ? so arranged local plumber, electrician, etc, etc policyt not up to it's promises
Homeserve are a joke! I had a policy, the boiler stopped working during winter and the first date they could offer me was 3 days away! They were aware that I had a 1 year old but it made no difference. I don't live in a remote area and it wasn't during a busy period, they are just a disgrace!
Its not really worth it without the annual service.

Npowers £15 a month includes initial check up, free annual service and if you don't them out (and happen to be a customer) they give you %50 back after the year. Not great but a better deal imo.

Oh and no minimum payout charge for a callout.
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Avoid !!! left me with no hot water or heating for 2 weeks with a 6 month old baby!!! said they could'nt find the part!!
Yes avoid, mother-in-law had a policy with them, newish boiler started leaking, waited 2 weeks for a date to get fixed & they never turned up on the day. When she rang they said they had been & fixed it? Turns out they had been, but not to her house, NEXT DOOR & fixed their boiler, next doors were gobsmacked cos they'd only just reported a fault on theirs to their landlord the previous day !!!!!!! Homeserve would not come back again, so got a local heating engineer to fix ££££ cancelled policy & got refund.
I WOULD NOT recommend them. Took out cover 3 years ago, 3 months later water pump stops working, they came out and said "yep, water pump not working" and did nothing to resolve!

Complained to the company and got my money back!
Using a reliable local plumber for all issues now - these companies are a waste of money!
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