Boiler Service for £24 @ Homeserve

Boiler Service for £24 @ Homeserve

Found 5th Aug 2014
If like me you have home emergency cover with your home insurance you will realise you need to get your boiler serviced once a year to be eligible for boiler cover

Just stumbled across this, works out at £24 for a boiler service and I wont bother taking them up on the cover for the year.

Plus £15 quidco makes this a very cheap boiler service!
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How do you get that ?
Good find thanks for posting :-)
Cracking deal but bear in mind the service is between April and September. Not sure if ou would be able to get it this side of the year contract?
Plus £15 quidco for gas boiler breakdown cover...
Is it only available for the first year?

Is it only available for the first year?

Bear in mind their boiler service is not a boiler service. It a 5 minute flying visit where a guy does a 'visual check' and is gone before you can say Jack Robinson. When the boiler stops working they come up with some lame excuse that isn't covered by their policy. Be very careful with these type of insurance.

I am currently taking another well known company to court over their useless services and refusal to cough up when they should.

So just beware.
Had my service with this cover. The guy was there a bit longer than 5 minutes but I didn't watch him. I've been told previously by reliable plumbers that there isn't much to a service on newer boilers.
It's a bit pot luck with Homeserve, because they contract out a lot of their work, if you get a good contractor, you'll get a good service. I've got their drain cover and the last time I called them out, the guy was vastly superior to the previous Homeserve branded operators, and a whole lot better than the council who I'd called out many years earlier.

Agree with points .. Had home serve and every repair suggested they fit a new boiler until I finally did 12? Years later...
Every excuse to raise rates and real con ..shame we need it but beware charges and rubbish service
bait like diamond for cars ..needed but very dodgy at times
Live chat confirmed no definite guarantee will get the service before September, best to phone she said.

Live chat confirmed no definite guarantee will get the service before … Live chat confirmed no definite guarantee will get the service before September, best to phone she said.

will do for next year, its te certificate im after
I wouldnt bother, They are a bunch of cowboys who employ very few real gas engineer's, I do talk from experience as well.
if you consider a 'gas-safe' registered engineer a real one and not a cowboy then surely it would be illegal for them to have any cowboys ?
The moment they touch your bolier and are not 'gas-safe' registered then they are breaking the law, arn't they ?
I will give your a shortened version.

We were with them for 5 years and every year had a service, We have a small leak in the boiler cupboard and despite getting them out 3 times did not diagnose any issue's until the last service where the Gas Registered fitter disconnected it saying there was an issue as he could not do any exhaust test as test valve had rusted solid and the leak was coming from the exhaust pipe gases creating condensation to run down into the boiler because it was not connected properly and exhaust gasses were leaking into the property. Checking back to our paperwork, none of the previous services did not do any test on exhaust gases because of the valve rusted solid. The gas test is a requirement of the service. Despite all this we took them to the Ombudsman and won our case recieving all our money back and compensation.

That is why i can call most of them cowboys as had the last fitter not spotted what the issue was we could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the leaving gasses
I can't believe a boiler service for £9 after quidco from a gas registered engineer isn't hot. Madness
Whats the chances of quidco paying out..... as it says it can't be combined with any other offer?
Our very old boiler stopped working I had taken out homeserve cover at a cost of about £100 give or take 4 months prior. I called them on a saturday (there was snow outside) they turned up on Sunday spent about 2 hours trying to get it to work needed part ordered it Monday fitted it Tuesday engineer said part alone was £160 cant fault them
HOMESERVE 05 Aug 2014 £24.00 PAYABLE IN 30 weeks

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