Bold 2in1 1900ml was£9 now £1.35 instore @ Tesco

Bold 2in1 1900ml was£9 now £1.35 instore @ Tesco

Found 17th Feb 2017
Big tesco clearance due to change in product sizes...

Bold 2in1 Sparkling Bloom 1900ml Was £9 NOW £1.35

Fairy Original Softener 2900ml Was £4 NOW £0.60p

Carte Noir Espresso 100g Was £2.47 NOW £0.37p

Shelf stacker said lots more products to be cleared out this weekend nationwide due to product size change.
Coffee has till November 2018 shelf life on it

Happy Hunting
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Which store?
Long Eaton Extra
Not near me at all but I'll check my local - thanks.
good find op, heat added
not in stoke on trent
loads in hanover street,liverpool store
bloody hell this post is unreal the prices xrated.heat added.
If anyone can confirm london branches,please please please

not in stoke on trent

I have an urge to rush to Tesco - but my local have been really tight with deals lately 'clearance' items just 20-50p off........ will I beat the urge????!! Heat.
I succumbed - bold sparkling bloom 1.9 £9.00.......
did someone check in glasgow? thanks
It's all over Tesco because lot's of item will be discontinue. good luck guy's happy hunting
just went to the dalmarnock £9 down to £7 for the stuff there
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