Bold 2in1 Gel £4.00 at Morrisons

Bold 2in1 Gel £4.00 at Morrisons

Found 17th Sep 2010
Bold 2in1 gel on offer for £4 at morrisons
this is for the large 1.036L bottle ( 28 washes)


Why is this cold?


great price for bold gel

£5 for 85 washes, 3L Surf - Small and Mighty at Asda

There is better deals and value for it out there i didnt rate it that well for that size n price but got the huge one for not much more.. the small and mighty i found was utter rubbish and binned it whilst still half full was more conditioner than washing liquid imo

Isn't this about the normal price anyway.? You can get half price Ariel at the moment. Better quality!

£6.70 in Tesco
£4.00 in Sainsbury
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