Bold 38 wash @ Wilkos £3 liquid lav/cam

Bold 38 wash @ Wilkos £3 liquid lav/cam

Found 21st Oct 2016Made hot 23rd Oct 2016
Picked this up today only lav/cam available


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Picked this up today only lav/cam available

i honestly thought it was the wrong price tag and expected to be told at the till it was wrong

Been in my local got 4 I thought it was wrong price should of been £7.25

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so you had 152 wash for £12 fab deal

Picked one up today in Haverfordwest,Wales so national deal worth checking your local.Heat.

Very nice smell but nothing else


iv bought the powder version, didn't like the smell

hot - love the smell - and the price - just got some from ASDA but at £4:50 for the 38s - they also someimes have a deal on the 60s at £6 but not at the moment - would not beat wilkos price anyhow

£5 for the 60 wash in morrisons, slightly more expensive than this per wash but might be handy for anyone not close to wilko
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I bought the Bold 2-in-1 with a touch of Fabreeze last week. Because it said 2-in-1, I thought that it had fabric conditioner in it (does not say that on the bottle though). I washed a load of towels and clothes and hung them out to dry - when I went to get my washing in, all of the items were really hard and I had to put them in the tumble drier to soften up a bit. I've now had to go out and buy a separate bottle of fabric conditioner, as I now think that this Bold 2-in-1 does not contain conditioner - 2-in-1 refers to the washing liquid and the fresh smell of Febreeze?

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still on I saw it yesterday , picked up two more 29/10/16

2.70 with Nus card will buy another tomorrow if it's still on offer
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