Bombay London dry gin 1 litre rolled back to £16 @ Asda

Bombay London dry gin 1 litre rolled back to £16 @ Asda

£16£1811%Asda Deals
Found 15th Jun
Bombay London dry gin now rolled back to £16 a litre at Asda. Its 37.5% abv but I know some people prefer this one to Gordons which is currently on offer for £16 a litre in Morrisons.

Next cheapest price is £18 on offer from £21 until 10/7 in Morrisons, £20 in Sainsburys and Tesco don't sell it.

Not available in Scotland for this price obviously. Available on line and in store says rolled back and staying back so not a bad price for a litre of gin at all for the forseeable future.

Based on a 1761 recipe, the heart of Bombay London Dry Gin is its unique distillation process, vapour infusion. Unlike many other gins, which boil their botanicals directly in the spirit, the 8 exotic botanicals in Bombay London Dry Gin are hand placed in a perforated copper basket. The spirit vapour passes through the copper basket delicately infusing the spirit with the aromatic flavours of the botanicals. This way Bombay London Dry Gin acquires a subtle, full flavour taste which makes it such a rounded and distinctive gin.

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What's the difference between this and bombay shappire?
Stevesnowflake15th Jun

What's the difference between this and bombay shappire?

From Google -

Bombay makes two gins -- their "regular" London Dry Gin -- clear glass 37.5% abv -- and their "Sapphire" London Dry Gin -- blue glass 40% abv The most obvious difference is the level of alcohol in the two gins, but also there is the distinct difference in the botanicals used -- I believe the original recipe uses only eight, while Sapphire uses ten. Even if both use the same number, they are employed in difference ratios to one another.

The best way to tell the difference is to taste them for yourself -- go to a bar and have two cocktails made, one with each gin . . . or better yet, try them both straight.
This gin is earthy, woody whilst the sapphire is fragrant , light. Much pr fee Sapphire
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